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一 、現代水墨畫當以寫生出發,不可一味因襲臨摩,早在唐朝張璪有云:「外師造化,中得心源。」師法自然,才能獲得心中創作之泉源,藉由寫生取材生活週遭之事物,不僅豐富了多元內容,也使水墨畫充分反映時代性。




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    1 decade ago
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    1. Education if Modern Chinese watercolor should start with

    sketching. Not like Traditional Chinese watercolor, which starts with

    copying of other artist's work. Early in the Tan Dynasty Master Chao Tzang stated, “Sketching builds creativity". This means that only

    through naturalness, which can be gained by sketching, can an

    artist's creativity be built. Sketching of surroundings demonstrates

    the progress and the diversity of modern society.

    2. Traditional Chinese watercolor's advantages should not be

    forgotten. The lines created by the combination of the brush, ink, and water on paper fully demonstrate this elegance that is superior

    than any from of art. Some artists often went into the mistake of

    searching for new inspirations and techniques that they abandoned

    the traditional brush and ink. However, they don't realize as a whole

    in terms of Chinese watercolor, the brush and ink is the most basic,

    and essential attributes it can have.

    :D enjoy!

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  • 1 decade ago

    First, the modern ink and wash painting is acted as and set out in order to paint from life, can't rub before following simply, one has clouds as far back as the Tang Dynasty: ' the other teacher's good fortune, China has the heart sourceImitate it naturally, could obtain the fountainhead created in the heart, the things of the surrounding area of life, have not merely enriched the plural content by painting from life and drawing materials, make the ink and wash painting fully reflect era too.

    Second, the advantage of the traditional pen and ink deserves to develop, writing brush, Chinese ink, moisture dance with rice paper, the lines and black musical sound produced, thick light the universe wet the actual situation born, flavor vivid and artistic conception graceful, for draw kind can't be obtained while being other; Though some contemporary painters have given up the traditional pen and ink in order to create and look for novelty at the time of changes persuing, but as regards national characteristic of the ink and wash painting, pen with basic speciality that can't neglect in fact.

    3rd, art does not have right and fault, any subject matter and skill and technique needn't be limited, traditional traditional Chinese Painting teaching pays attention to the passing on of subject matter and skill and technique excessively, especially standardize the skill and technique, limit the space of intention development of freedomStone great wave is it mean getting rid of the standardized skill and technique to say, so long as conform with the aesthstic result, any skill and technique is the best skill and technique, and can give play to heartily.

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