What kind of electric drill should I buy?

My husband mentioned that he wants an electric drill and I want to surprise him with one for his birthday, but I have no knowledge about tools. I know he has a lot of Craftsman tools, are those better or not as good as DeWalt? Is there something better than both of those? Also, do I want a 3/8 or 1/2 or something altogether different? I am lost.

He works on cars a lot, and also does our home repairs, so those are mainly what this drill would be used for. Thank you in advance.

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    I have both and I think I lean more towards the DeWalt for durability and functions. I would recommend a 1/2" variable speed, reversible drill. Half inch will give you the capability to use a far larger selection of drill bits, variable speeds will give you the capacity to use your drill for a wider variety of projects, and a reversible drill for car guys is a must, especially good for using easy outs to remove broken bolts. GOOD LUCK AND I'M SURE HE WILL BE PLEASANTLY SURPRISED. (May I suggest a nice set of drill bits to complete the ensemble!)

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    Honestly, and this is just my opinion, the post with the makita is overboard. if you want to spend 300 bucks on a drill, then by all means.

    ive been in construction for a long time and my Ryobi D46C is plenty powerful. I know guys like cordless, but i think its a fad. the batteries are powerful at first but wait a while and they get weak then you have to buy new batteries.

    This ryobi is light, powerful, and has adjustments so you can drill into something as soft as plastic or as hard as concrete.

    This model might not be made anymore, but there are plenty of them at homedepot and lowes.

    The 1/2" will give him more choices of size drills.

    Again, I dont see why anyone has to spend over $80 dollars for a drill.

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  • 1 decade ago

    If all he`s going to use it for is around the home, I would look at something in a lower voltage like a 14.4 or even a 12 volt. As far as quality and dependablity goes( which is probably what you`re shopping for) the Dewalt is hard to beat. I`ve had a 14.4 that I use daily. Had it rebuilt once for $99. Just replaced the trigger for $50(which is a little pricey). It`s taken alot of abuse and keeps coming back for more!

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  • Jessie
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    == a 1/2 inch drill chuck will be what you look for 1st and then the brand name ... and those previous list above are all excellent suggestions === a 1/2 drill will have a heavier shaft and higher amperage from the motor ... shop the hardware giants online and go to Sears and talk to the tools dude ... sometimes the most expensive is not always the best for some jobs ... most of my tools are Craftsman and they have worked fine for years ... get a good extension cord to go with that new drill and buy a 14/3 wire == 14 gauge wire and a ground ...

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    Hi Jennifer,

    I work in construction, and I'm an extreme DIY'er on the weekends. I use a cordless drill nearly every day! I needed to replace a cordless drill I had for 10 years when the batteries became unavailable.

    I researched it to death, and compared all models features, power, weight, battery charge time, etc.

    The winner hands down is the Makita Lithium Ion BHP451.

    Here's a link. He will not be dissapointed.

    The rechargable flash-light is great to have as well.


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