what can i do about my friend's lung cancer?

my friend has cancer in both lungs. the cancer went from her breast to her lungs.some tumors are quite large. 2 yrs. ago she had breast cancer. she got so sick from chemo she will not go through with it again. she will not go back to her dr. anymore. she going to try issel's cancer center in california/she would go there and stay for 3 wks. the price is outragess. is there anyone that knows how effective this program is? i'm her friend. she has her mom and her niece in southern il. both in bad shape. her dr. gave her 1 yr. to live without chemo. 2 yrs if she takes it. also i'll be taking care of her. how do i find out how to take care of her. signs of cancer,hospics care? please give me some answers. i haven't been around anyone like her, in this condition. i thank you very much.

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    My husband had lung cancer. He went thru radiation, chemo, gamma knife procedure and took a drug called tarceva. It is very expensive but has had good results. The internet is a good source for information the cancer society alos can help. When my husband got ill we went where ever and when ever he wanted to. Sometimes we would go out at midnight and play pool til 4 am. We had lots of cook outs get to gethers took lots of pictures. He ate what he wanted as long as he could I am glad I was able to make him happy. You are a good friend and it will be very hard but you will be strong for your friend. My husband wanted frinds and family around him and thats what we did. Maybe your friend wants to go somewhere or do something special. And really just being there with her is so meaningful to her. Good luck to you and your friend I will thinking about you.

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    Hi! Sorry to hear about your friend please be there for your friend. She need you more then ever she need her mother and the rest of the family. Be there for her mentally, physically, and spiritually. Spend as much time with her, let her know that it is up to God when she will die not up to man. Don't get me wrong God did make Doctor, but when man give up God take over from there. Tell your friend Let Go And Let God. Also hospice is a program that will make her comfortable like it's no hope, I really don't suggest hospice, base on experience. Tell her to give Cancer Center Of California a try. Just Remember God Answer Prayer.

    Source(s): I will be praying for you and your friend. I love you and God Love is the Best Love.=)
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    All you can do is be supportive and listen to her as she needs you.

    Cancer is very uncertain, and there is no-one that knows when we will die. Not even our doctors.

    I have been a survivor of breast cancer for almost 3 years. And I still never know when it will show it's ugly head again.

    I had chemo and I hated it, but I feel if it comes back I will just have to fight a little more. I will not give in.

    She has to do what is best for her. And I'm so glad she doesn't have to do it alone.

    Cancer Sucks

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