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California Earthquake ?

so u must of hear already... it was 5.4 i think

im 13 and i was sleeping at 11:42 (yes i know lazy)

but it woke me up and theres supposed to be more earthquakes this week.. do you know anything about when and what the possible magnitude thingy is ?

and did global warming cause it , or was it just natural ?

&& i can SOO WAiT for the san andres fault to happen :[


no they started out saying it was 5.8 but then concluded 5.4


and when are they coming ? :p

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    Aww bless ya!

    I only know part of the answer to your question - Global warming wouldn't cause Earthquakes =) Earthquakes are to do with the movement of tectonic plates, usually due to magma near the centre of the Earth going abit crazy!

    It's very natural =)

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    even however California is heavily populated, it fairly is nevertheless no longer as densely populated as Haiti. additionally, the structures in California are designed to stand up to earthquakes whilst those in Haiti are literally equipped on ideal of another. Even worse, that's an exceedingly damaging united states of america that became into hit via no fewer than 4 hurricanes in 2008 which brought about a lot of injury and killed many human beings.

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    Dear the earthquake is nothing connection with globule worming. before miliyan year our earth has only one plachu(lend ) and that wos a ilend. when volcano Brock that plachue to 2-3-4- part now gravity ands volcano mad them run ( hall part of lend) lick Asia rejoin and Africa rejoin is moving 2 cemi per year. Min's after some million year they meet and a bang blow. when some part is not response to moov at that time. the earthquake began and before and after there are to Meany they call them aftershock. are there. this is a simple theory of earthquake. i think you understude.

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    This was a 5.2 it is just the beginning it will be followed by much larger quakes over the next couple weeks

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    there will be more e-quakes? alright! more rockin n rollin!

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    idk, but the big one is supposed to happen in the next 30 years...

    imma miss disneyland soo0o much.

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    1 decade ago sexy!!

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