I bought new bathing suit bottoms and just noticed that on the crouch is a stain of some girls discharge?

I bought very cute bathing suit bottoms. When i got home I realized that there is a vaginal discharge stain on the crouch part of the bottoms. I know it is not form me because i wore underwear when trying them on... THANK GOD. But i bought them and am just asking if anybody knows a cleaning technique that will remove the stain and will DISINFECT it so it not a bacterial thing for me.

I know this sounds so dumb and gross, but i really need help.



I cannot return them.. Please i need a cleaning technique. First cleaning way gets 10 points. PLEASE!

Update 2:

I cannot return them.. Please i need a cleaning technique. First cleaning way gets 10 points. PLEASE!

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    Take them to the cleaners,Or wash them in hot water(scorching hot water) in the washer lots of detergent.Spray some spray stain remover and let it sit for hours. Sorry but ,Honestly I would of took them back and spoke to the manager.I am sure they would of understand.It is yuk,knowing that every-time you put them on that you will be reminded of what was there before .

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    YEAH! i have that, but in a different colour. Its really cute, and comfy. And no, dont worry about the pulling thingy, the bows arent whats tieing the actually bottoms to the string, its just sewed on. And plus, its not like someone is going to come up to you and untie it (except maybe your boyfriend, lmao. That was a joke btw....) And again, $50 isnt that bad, i mean yes, you could get another suit for like half the price, but i mean its hollister, and its cute. And if you wear it alot, then its worth it. Its better getting something that your satisfied with, and that you'll use. Instead of getting a cheap one you really dont like. So, i suggest you go for it. Hope this helps. Good luck<33 and happy shopping.

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    By law you cannot return swimwear for just this reason.

    I am soooooo sorry this happened to you! Usually there is a little adhesive strip in the crotch to help prevent it from happening. Ladies: please do not try on swim suits without your underwear!! If you're not wearing any, come back to try on when you are.

    Use some bar soap, like Ivory and warm water.

    I would wear disposable gloves when you do this to prevent getting anything on your hands. Then wash in your washing machine on gentle cycle and add a cup of white vinegar to the wash water. White vinegar is a disinfectant and it will not be as harsh on the fabric as bleach. You want to avoid chlorine as much as you can. It breaks down the fibers in the fabric. Avoid hot water, if possible, too. Use warm water. Hot water is the enemy of swimwear. I have ruined many a suit in hot tubs! Good luck!

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    OMG get a life. None of the diseases/microorganisms you re worried about can survive for more than a few minutes outside the body. If you really think that s the worst thing you ve been exposed to (or exposed others to) than Howard Hughes and Howie Mandel have nothing on you.

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    I read an article about a woman who buys vintage (read: Very used) bathing suits, dresses them up and sells them.

    Here's how she dealt with similar problems: She would soak the suit's crotch in a small bowl of nonchlorine bleach for a half hour before washing. (Think Clorox 2 or similar.) It still kills everything, but doesn't remove fabric color.

    To go the extra mile since she was reselling them, she would cut the white cloth layer out of the crotch (there's always a single layer of fabric in the crotch area that isn't part of the suit), and sew in a new swatch of similar fabric. That part depends on your sewing skills of course.

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    That is so disgusting! I would return them or throw them away. Who knows how long that stain has been there. Get rid of them and see if you can find another pair in the same size and that are not stained with someone else's body fluids.

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    Put hydrogen peroxide in the crotch and wash in hot water in the washer.

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    All of these methods sound great. I just wanted to toss my vote to tell the store. I do not know who would think to look. That is really disgusting.

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    Pour hydrogen peroxide on the crotch, should kill germs and help bleach it out. Leave it for about 20 min......wash in HOT water. Thats so nasty, aren't people nasty ???

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    so not dumb! gross, yes, but not dumb! i would report it to the manager of the place where you bought it. if that doesn't work, throw them out!!!!

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