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The Big three?

In my opinion, all though its close to call, the top 3 rappers of all-time are 2Pac, Biggie, and Nas. So whos you favorite out of these three and why? If you dont agree with my top 3 thats ok, but still tell your favorite of these 3, then if you want, provide your own list of who you feel is the top 3. For me its Pac, followed very very very very very closely by Nas.

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    im a nas fan.

    but i also really love biggie and pac.

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    My Top Three: Nas, Pac, DMX

    Out of those 3, DMX is my favorite, but Nas is the best.

    Out of your three, Pac is my favorite, but again Nas is the best

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    NaS!...Biggie and 2pac were ill and if he didnt die biggie would be the best rapper alive/ever without a doubt

    -Illmatic is the greatest cd of all time

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    i like 2pac, Biggie and Nas, but i love Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West and Andre 3000.

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    In my opinion, Tupac > Nas, and Tupac >>>>>>>> Biggie..

    So I would say Tupac's my favorite out of them.

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    Tupac by a mile out of those 3.

    my three would be Tupac - Immortal Technique - Paris

  • Mine would be Jay-Z, Nas and 2pac

  • Well mine would be Tupac, Eminem, Nas.

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    hmm, PAC takes it all for the #1, and my top 3 are....pac, wu tang, and snoop

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