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Black women that wear their hair "natural" come down hard weave wearers and girls that get relaxers?

But i go with my cousin to a natural hair salon whenever she gets her hair braided. I am always so surprised at the amount of women wear so called natural hair styles that are having extensions put in or weaves sewn in. Yes, they may be of a kinkier/nappier texture but it still fake. I mean i have seen big afros sewn in as well as fake dred locs. Why the double standard? I'm sure they pass the hair off as their own, because I have never heard a woman with a "hairstyle" profess that the hair isn't their own, but with so many women getting it done, somebody has to be lying

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    It's not a are just trying to ask a generalized question and because it is a is falling by the wayside. Many women have different perceptions of what "natural" hair is. Unbeknownst to you, there is no code of nappturality that all natural hair sisters must abide by, and a lot of people view "natural" hair differently. That means that one woman who does not use RELAXERS can use TEXTURIZERS and still call herself natural. That means a woman who wears natural looking weaves, but does not use relaxers can stil call herself natural.

    You also are blissfully unaware of their hair situation. Many women who prefer natural hair also suffer from alopecia, so they HAVE to wear wigs and weaves in order for their hair to look decent. A lot of women with natural hair or transitioning to natural hair, need a natural weave to cover up their relaxed hair until they can cut it off. What double-standard? Are you even familiar with the definition of the term? Black women by and large still use's not like Black women with relaxed hair are being persecuted en masse, Black women still collectively view their natural hair as ugly and "nappy"...they still think straighter hair is "good hair" and call kinkier hair "bad hair". Drop your indignant attitude and persecution complex is not justified. How do you know that they pass the hair off as their own? A lot fo them don't, and will openly discuss their percetion of "natural hair" and their use of weaves. LOL...your personal experiences with Black women with natural hair do not even form a dent in the MILLIONS of Black women with natural hair, so for you to rely on your anecdotal experiences as evidence that women with natural hair "has to be lying" is laughable..and embarassing on your part.

    You really need to educate yourself, it's sad seeing Black people so ignorant in regard to their OWN hair

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    I think that is a generalized question. There are natural ladies that look down on people with relaxed heads, but on the other side of the coin, there are many people that look down on people who wear their hair natural. I don't think that its right either way. I feel like a person can wear their hair however they want to. Weave to me is just a style, even if it is a straight weave or not so it does not matter. Natural head ladies like to take break too with their hair, or sometimes people who are transitioning to natural or whatever wear the weaves to grow it out. But I will say this, although there is an increase of black women wearing their hair natural without chemicals, Relaxed is still more popular and their is still a negative connotation towards kinky coily hair (even though it has come a long way).

    Source(s): Use to be relaxed, use to wear sew-in weaves all the time, and now currently natural.
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    Why do you make it sound like all black women except for your girlfriend use weave and relaxers? If you truly knew about hair, you would know that our hair is not like the next person. If I let my hair go "nappy" my hair would start coming out. That's why I use relaxers. Some other women use weave because some of them don't have a lot of hair. There's nothing wrong with that. Would you like to see a black woman walking down the street completley bald? So I just think that you should mind your own business, while we black women keep dong what we do.

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    That's not natural. Even if the weave or exstension is "real" it's still fake and not natural. Personally if I have on fake hair I tell everyone and anyone who cares to ask. Right now I have curly single braids and I'm proud. The only reason that I don't keep my hair natural is that it's expensive. I can't be going to the salon every week to get oil treatments, cuts, and washed&dry. That's silly. I'd rather pay $100 for singles that will last me two months and grow out my hair without breaking it.

    I really don't care much for these women or the women with actual natural hair who come down on us with weaves and extensions. It's our choice and the choice of almost all of the female black hollywood.

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    They most likely say that they have natural hair, because they arent getting chemicals put in it (i.e. perms and such). So instead of using chemicals they take more natural approaches to their hair with using more natural type products.

    Yes many of them get weave put into their hair, but some do it until they can wear the hair out itself and make it look good, because even though they wanna be natural, they dont wanna look BAD, ya know?

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    well if they like weave and it makes them look good they have a right to wear it and shouldnt care what ppl say or think.. maybe they dont want ppl 2 know that its fake so let em b

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    well, i guess like everyone else, they just want to have nice hair.

    my friend is black but she doesn't do any of those stuff to her hair. she said it was too much of a hassle to take care the extensions cuz you have to make sure it doesnt get all frizzy, wash it right, etc. and sometimes if its not sown in right it falls out.

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    Each to his own I say, I wear my natural hair, short and kinky, I also wear MY braids often long; I paid for it, therefore it is mine.

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