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Nose Piercing Dangerous?

I know getting your cartilage pierced has a high risk of infection. does getting your nose pierced produce a high risk of infection? which is safer cartilage on the ear or the nose to get pierced?

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    Okay I know people think it is wrong to pierce yourself, but I did two weeks ago and I have no infection, its was never really even red for me(but I have native american skin lol) , and I know of quite a few people who have got their nose pierced with no infection. I would think its all the same risk

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    I have both done and i have never experienced to much infection with either. But i would say cartilage is worse. With my nose there has only been tenderness and slight redness for a few days that's the worse it's gotten. But the pain has been much worse with my ear

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    my nose peircing has never ever gotten infected and I take bad care of it lol. I would think the nose is safer because my cartilage has gotten little infections.

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    Any piercing could be potentionally dangerous if you don't take care of it. Both can be risky--scratching your nose or using products on your hair that get into your cartilage piercing--but as long as you take care of it and don't mess with it too much, you should be fine

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    Its probaly the same. your still putting a hole in your body. I just go my cartilage periced like a week ago and if you clean it every day its fine. I have to clean it like 3 times a day. nose pierceings are probaly around the same

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    well if you mean at home you really cant go wrong with the nose just make sure everything is clean and use gloves take care of it

    Source(s): i got mine done at the shop but my ring was too short and half of it closed the next day so i had to repierce it and buy a longer ring =)
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    they are both the same.. and if you take care of them it should be ok.. the nose shouldnt get infected.. if you leave it alone.. ask the piercer who is doing it.. they will know..

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    my septum healed faster than any piercing i've ever had.

    Source(s): double lobe tragus industrial rook septum navel 3 microdermals down my nape
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    dont get your nose pierced......its gross

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    why would you want jewerly in your nose? ewwwww!

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