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Black dogs last to be adopted ?

Ok, I just read off of another website that says black dogs are the last to be adopted. Is that true ?

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    It's called "Black Dog Syndrome" and you can Google it. Basically black lab and German shepherd mixes are so common in shelters that people tend to pass them over in favor of the "cuter", more unique-looking dogs. It happens with cats as well.

    Source(s): Former Humane Society kennel staff employee.
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    I do not know if it is true or not, but it sounds like it could be true. In a situation like where dogs are being adopted, people look at the dog's face first. A black dog's features all blend together and people have a hard time seeing just how the dog looks. The people get confused and move along to the next dog to see if they like what they see.

    I didn't want a black dog because they are so hard to see in the dark, but what did I wind up adopting? A black dog! No regrets.

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    It is said to occur for a few reasons:

    1) Black dogs are often associated with dogs of breeds that people find scary. For example, Rottweilers, Dobermans, and sometimes Pit Bulls are black. Naive people looking at a bunch of mixed-breed dogs could very well mistake a black Lab mix for a Pit Bull or otherwise, and thus pull the "ohh! This breed is vicious!" line.

    2) There is some strange thought that it is harder to read the facial expressions of a black dog. Being the owner of a black dog myself (and on top of that, she's a dog with some fear and guarding issues), I don't really find this to be true.

    3) Black cats = black dogs. Some sort of superstition.

    4) In dim-lit kennels and shelters, black dogs don't "pop out" the way a bubbly Yellow Lab puppy or a tail-wagging Irish Setter would.

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    Yeah-most of the time they are not the top pick. There are just so many of them and a lot of time they are short haired and are labelled as just another lab mix.

    We have 1 black dog that we adopted but she has long hair and is probably a chow retriever mix. We picked her at a petsmart adoption from a local humane society and she was in the middle of floor with people walking around and she was laying upside down with a toy hanging out of her mouth. We took her.

    Since then I have decided she is the dumbest dog and she just doesn't care about anything, especially your wishes and opinions (we should have guessed) but i'll admit she does absolutely wonderful with my 2 year old who likes to sit on top of her.

    Anyways, I got off topic but yeah I have heard that many times and I understand why but it is still sad.

    Another note: Cats are the same way. We have a number of black (and gray) cats because we took in pregnant strays MANY years ago and no one every adopted the black kittens so we had them fixed and have had them ever since.

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    It's actually true. For cats too.

    They think the main reason is that black animals don't photograph as well as other colors so people don't respond as well to adoption ads and websites. Also some breeds that are predominantly black (rottweilers and dobermans) have a reputation that makes them harder to adopt than other breeds.

    Adoptions of black cats are often ceased by many shelters during the month of October because of nutjobs that want them for sacrifices near Halloween.

    I don't get it. I've had several black or mostly black dogs and really like that color a lot.

    Source(s): I work with a humane society.
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    I've heard that as well, and I can see how it would be true.

    My boyfriend just adopted a black dog. If the lights are out or it's nighttime outside, you can't see him! He'll be right next to my white dog and the white dog is still easily seen. I can see how they would be easily overlooked in the shadows at the animal shelter.

    I'm surprised he got the dog he did. He'd been in foster care for 9 months. (The rescue group we got him from has most of their animals in foster care.) It seems he would have been a high-demand dog: small, fuzzy, calm, etc.. But nobody had chosen him yet.


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    Yes puppies will be euthanized along w/ older dogs, it may be because they've been there for a long time, they are mean like a threat to anyone, or because the shelters are too crowded, i don't think people should euthanize if the shelter is too full or if they've been there a while, that's why i'm going to work at non-kill shelters, also, the non-kill shelters will sometimes save the pups or dogs about to be killed.

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    I did work experience at a shealter and we were talking about breeds and I said I liked dobermans and rotties and the lady said that the big black dogs are often the last to be adopted.

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    I guess it depends on the adopters! I have a fondness for black dogs and always seem to choose them first over another puppy. 2 of my last 3 puppies were black!

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    I've heard that as well...apparently people presume black dogs are more aggressive than other colors. I have two black dogs and a blonde dog and I actually prefer the black dogs...they are SO beautiful.

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    I have heard that it is true. This is mainly because there are so many people that want a cute little fluffy dog that doesn't look intimidating. My local humane society told me that the black dogs are last to be adopted because there are so many of them and people think they look intimidating. I think it's ridiculous. Especially when people are actually going to a BREEDER to buy a black lab when there are seriously THOUSANDS (of all ages!!!) in shelters! and most of these doggies probably will end up being put down due to overcrowding. Breaks my heart! :(

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