Help what is DD and TIH mean in relation to BDSM...I must be a dummy!?

A friends gf texted him asking this and we both don't know so help. What does DD and TIH mean in BDSM?

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  • kerin
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    1 decade ago
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    Melody's internet search is correct.

    Domestic Discipline is the idea of using household chores as punishments. Very often this is compounded with other aspects of bdsm. Such as if you misbehave you will have to wash all the windows... in your underwear. Or you have to dust the place... while your hands are secured behind you. etc.

    Take in Hand, the best way to describe this is to remember the way a parent would get control of an unruly child at a mall. That child would be taken in hand, scolded or otherwise chastized and/or even spanked. Right there and right then. Imagine being in a mall and your partner did something wrong and you taking them to a bench and spanking them right there and then. That is being taken in hand.


  • raper
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    4 years ago

    Tih Relationship

  • Melody
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    1 decade ago

    domestic discipline and taken in hand. dont ask me what that means i just looked it up.

    Source(s): the internet!!!! haha
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