Where were you during today's earthquake in California?Did it affect you any?

5.8 Earthquake hit California,what happened in your area?Did you freak,pee your pants,spill your coffee?I am in South Orange County and didnt even feel a thing.I think the media has it overplayed,my friends in other states are calling worried and I laughed.


Well Im glad everyone is okay.I didnt feel it like others,I thought my equilibrium was off while I sat at the comp.and didnt even know it was an earthquake.I should be use to them being a native Californian,but nooo,ya should of seen me running around like a mad woman during the northridge quake,trying to get all of my animals under my mattress(I dragged off the boxspring) as they barked around trying to figure out who to protect me from,what a sight.So this one was cool,I thought it was my own brain LOL

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    i was at saddleback college and we all had to jump under the desks. nobody was really worried, actually everyone wanted an aftershock. i felt the main one, but not the aftershocks. and nobody got hurt at all of course

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I live in Cypress California and that was bigger then most I've felt here. I was sitting on a chair outside watering. At first I thought a truck was passing due to the loud noise, then the whole ground started rocking. I jumped out of my chair and grabbed a piller which is part of the overhang. If that had started falling, I could have jumped back and it wouldn't have covered me. Luckily we have no trees in our backyard. When I came inside, I noticed some knick-knacks had fallen off the wall, drawers and cabinet doors had opened. The animals were a bit freaked out. I left them alone to settle a bit. Bad timing because I am trying to train them to get along. This stress on top of that may not help the process.

    Earthquakes are always big news in California.

  • tina
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    1 decade ago

    I felt shaking but I was at work and they were doing minor construction next to me so i thought maybe they hit like a gas line or something. I was kind of confused about the shaking, though, because I was sitting on a chair on dirt.

    I had never experienced an earthquake before, so i wasn't even sure that it was an earthquake. I tried to text one of my coworkers (my phone service wasn't working so the message didn't go through) "was that an earthquake?"

    Then i looked at my phone and saw my mom calling me, and she asked if i was okay, so that confirmed it.

    I wasn't that upset, but there were some school groups (I work at a zoo) and I guess they had an incident with some of the littler kids getting scared, and the dumb goose right next to me wouldn't stop honking for like 5 minutes after it happened.

    I'm glad you're okay!

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    I work in downtown LA and i live in Pomona 5 minutes from Chino Hills. We DEFINITELY felt it over here at work in downtown. Its pretty hilarious though because I am suckh a Cali girl and so used to this earthquake prone state that I got under the table with my ipod for like a minute, then got up and went back to work. Until we were required to evacuate. I GOT A THREE HOUR LUNCH BREAK! THANKS MOTHER NATURE!

    I wouldnt mock it but, no one even got hurt... the best kinda earthquake if you ask me. Now I havent been back home yet, but Im guessing only a few photos will be knocked over...if that.

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    Naw,been living here in so cal for so long,all i did was get up and grab my heavy gothic clock off the top of the entertainment center.At first i was sitting in front of my pc,and knew (of course) what was happening.After it was done,i went outside my apt's and had a smoke.One of my neighbors was like freaked a bit,but i just said,"yeah,but that wasn't the big one.Not yet".Maybe about a 5.9. turns out it was a 5.8 so i was close...Oh and i live in North hills

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    i was giving my puppy a bath and then the floor started shaking. At first i thought my puppy was doing it cuz it tried desperately to get out of the tub but then the floor started shakiing even more and my puppy stood still. I was kinda freaked out until my dad was like. " its an earthquake!"

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i was sleeping and then i heard a loud noise and my whole room shook

    i ran out of the room haha

    it was the first time i experienced a big one

    my house isn't safe for an earthquake cause we having nothing to hide under

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I felt it. =D

    I was sleeping and all of a sudden everything was loud and I thought someone was waking me up because it sounded like someone was banging on my door.

    But it was an earthquake.

    It would be awesome to have an earthquake wake you up every morning!

  • 1 decade ago

    I was on the computer and then I saw the desk shaking...my mom called me so I went up. Then, the bigger boom came, so we ran outside. We could see the cars swaying back and forth. It was fun. And scary.

  • julez
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    1 decade ago

    I am about 4 miles from the epicenter.. it was strong and long! I grabbed my baby and ran out the door. It scared me alot.

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