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Do you seek knowledge or do you let religion make you afraid of it.?

Afterall, the biblical god looks down on education and knowledge.

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    I seek spiritual truth my friend. The bible is an okay start if you look past all the dogma and just listen to the message of Christ. That being love, forgiveness, and non-judgment. The knowledge I seek is how creation came to be and things like that. I do not see how science has come at odds with spirituality, there needs to be a mix of both, with one not being greater then the other. Like if you were describing a song then science would be the words and spirituality the music. I would not put 100% of my faith in science, just as I would not put 100% of m faith in any one religion. I used be an atheist myself, but have come to know something in whch people call god thru my own experience. My spiritual awakening is by far the #1 moment in my life. It was like a great clearing and understanding in the mind. I could see past all the man made games. The goal of life is not to feed the ego fat by living for materail desires, it is the opposite, to free yourself from such desires and awaken the divine within you. We are all specs of one whole, if we keep living for the illusion of ego then we will create hell. Look around we keep cutting down forests, building more weapons, and closing ourselves of from each other. The world can not hold up at the pace we are going for much longer. The world around us is a reflection of our mind state, the fact that the water is polluted shows that our minds are polluted. Lets take back the planet from those greed filled evil egos who wish to make it a game to see which person or collection of people (nations) can die with the most materail gain. I dont think there is anything to fear, how can I have fear when I have felt eternal love?

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    You must be referring to the Holy Gospel of Not Knowing. :) Like most gospels, this one is misunderstood. It is also "gospel" in certain Buddhist sects. The Zen master occasionally has to slap the student for using this otherwise useful notion too religiously. When used religiously, it becomes just another means for control and for knowing too much. The Gospel of Not Knowing has no use in the world of "why are there so many homeless veterans of US conflicts". Enlightened public policy as well as a trip to the grocery store shows that knowing something is a good thing. Publicly, can you imagine voting for an official because s/he purposefully did not know anything and was endorsed by religious groups for this? Uhhhh, wait a minute,.........there's something familiar here.......

    Not knowing has it's place in the heart. It informs compassionate interaction and community as well as one's own intimate relationship with pure being. In this way, not knowing is also a place of fearlessness, but not ignorance. This is not religion but is wisdom and creativity instead. A great deal of wisdom is necessary to be able to dance between knowing when to know and not to know. Mohandas Ghandi and Dr. Martin Luther King come to mind, as well as Thich Nhat Hanh.

    The original sentiment of not knowing might be correct, but the outcome, when only sentimental, looks just like the disaster that stretches from Iraq to the cardboard lean-to shelters under bridges and overpasses in the US.

    When it is the Sentimental Holy Gospel of Not Knowing, it is just one more atttempt to know something. Ironic that not knowing can be knowing too much!

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    Forgive me Gorgeous TX for using this space to tell, What would Dylan do?..."WOW"...(he doesnt accept e-mails)

    I got alot from his answer...and what his profile said as well.

    Personally I walked away from religion because of fear and judgement...I had questions, I felt miserable because the answers that I received didnt fulfill me.

    I seek knowledge, I seek trust, I seek surrender, I seek Light and Love.


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    Not all religions believe in the bible or the god in the bible.

    My religion does not have any affect on my thirst for knowledge, it actually encourages it

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    I'm SO afraid of knowledge!

    I'd NEVER want learn anything. I want to be an uneducated, illiterate, unthinking dirt clod.

    If it wasn't for the free-thinking, secular, atheist leftists who single-handedly made education a legal mandate in this country I would never have gone to school. As a matter of fact, I used to wet myself every morning at the Lutheran school I attended when the teacher would force us to open those wicked, evil textbooks and learn math, english, history, and (god forgive me) SCIENCE!!!!!

    Did you ever stop to consider that your "I'm smarter than you because you don't think like me" attitude is just about as counter-productive to real learning and self-discovery as anything could be?

    Source(s): But of course, I rant. The simle answer is.......... no.
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    My religion encourages me to seek knowledge.

    We even have scripture which admonishes us to learn,14#7

    Source(s): LDS
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    Oddly enough, education is really important in Judaism, as is questioning everything that can be questioned.


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    I seek knowledge all the time. that is how I was able to walk away from my families fundamentalism.

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    I always have. In fact my denomination encourages us to think for ourselves. I think that's the only reason I still go to church--I'm not told what to think or how to think.

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    I'm always wanting more knowledge. As for my religion, it encourages that, as well as doubt.

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