Are Sophie Rhys-Jones (Countess of Essex) and Trevor Rhys-Jones (in Paris car with princess Diana) related?

I was reading a recent article about Prince Edward and his wife Sophie and noticed that her maiden name is the same as the "bodyguard" who was is Paris with Princess DIana (it seems like an unusual last name to me)?

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    No,they are not related.The Countess of Wessex,the former Sophie Rhys-Jones,and Trevor REES-Jones bear Welsh surnames that are not that uncommon.

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    Sophie Rhys-jones

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    Dodi Al- Fayed's former body guard, Trevor Rees Jones (b. 1968) spells his surname differently than the Countess of Wessex, spells her maiden name, Rhys-Jones. The Countess was born 20 January 1965 to Christopher Bournes Rhys-Jones, a retired tire salesman, and the late Mary O'Sullivan, a secretary who was a native of Ireland. Since both Jones and Reese (in its various forms) are both very common Welsh names, the two are probably not related.

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    Same surname but not related

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