How could it ever be fair?

How could the world be fair when we believe so differently?

I don't feel like I am "shoving" my religion down anyones throat I sometimes feel like I get "Atheism" shoved down mine like when my kids aren't allowed to pray in school. Why can all the Atheists walk around not praying?? Does that make sense? It is hard for me to type out exactly what I am thinking.

In short there will never be a "happy medium" because someones toes will always be getting stepped on. How about people that don't salute the flag? They are forced to listen to national anthem at ballgames... How about people that don't believe in God? They are forced to see in God we trust on money. It goes both ways and I don't think anyone is "shoving" their beliefs we all just want to be respected.

I hate when I see on here that Christians are shoving their beliefs down anyones throat first we are all on this board and can choose which questions to open. Second we read your comments about how stupid we are all the time.


Your right kidsshouldnt be forced to pray in school nor should they be forced to salute the flag nor should they be forced to learn evolution...... that is my point we can't teach God in school because not everyone belives but we can teach UnGod

Update 2:

BTW I was not asking to be rude to anyone I just wondered what people thought we could do to make this problem better ....apparently nothing.....

And I am not whining about it if it was that big of a problem to me I would homeschool I am just stating my point THANKS

Update 3:

WOW ... Umm NO comment??? LOL

Update 4:

I think this all got blown out of proportion... but then are we surprised.... So thanks for your answers (I think) :) Have a good day and if anyone needs I have some valium..... :)

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    First of all, throat shoving is never fun...second of all, I totally get what you are saying. Life isn't fair but what are we gonna do about it? nothing, but go on living the way Americans live, with freedom of speech and religion. Do they always go hand in hand? no, but, I don't want some atheist teaching my kid Gods Word just as much as I don't want to shove my beliefs on an atheist. I don't sit around all day thinking "Damn atheists, taking prayer out my public school or removing the 10 Commandments from public buildings." I already know that these things will happen because Gods Word speaks of it. Those things being taken away do not change my faith. They do not change what I will teach my children in our home. Just the same goes for un-believers who have to listen to the National Anthem with the word God in it. Get over it, I have to get over you taking things away from me. I have plenty of atheist family and friends and we agree to disagree and go on with our lives loving eachother. I do not answer questions aimed at atheist from atheists. I became a believer as an adult and know what its like to not have God in my life. I didn't decide one day that my life sucked and I needed Him. I went to a church service to make my mother-in-law happy and boom, it happened. I would never go back to my old self agian. If you don't like Christians answering your questions, don't come on here. We get atheists answering our questions all the time and they are not nice!! I always try to be nice to everyone. Will we ever have perfect harmony? Not in this lifetime. But I know there will be in the next. God Bless!! (oops shoving again huh?)

  • Why must you lie? Is that how Christians behave?

    Your kids CAN pray in school. They can pray wherever they like, it's a free country. So long as they do not disrupt the class they'll be fine.

    Of course there can be a happy medium, that is what most atheists support. Some Christians on the other hand will absolutely not accept anything less than special privileges for their religion, while denying the rights of followers of other religions.

    Nationalism is primitive and dangerous of course, I'm no great fan of the flag waving hand-on-heart anthem singing antics.

    "In God We Trust" on the money is another terrible idea and should rightly be removed. It's neither constitutional nor in the spirit of which the US was founded. It was added fairly recently during a dark period in the US' development. It seems to me to be a betrayal of everything the country was founded upon.

    You're right that kids shouldn't be forced to pray or salute the flag. Can you imagine if teachers were forcing your children to pray to Mecca? That is the reason why schools are kept religion neutral. But did you really have to mention evolution? Kids are taught science in science class, it's really that simple, like they're taught English in English class, or maths in mathematics class.

    Yes please, I'll have some valium.

  • A few things:

    Your children are perfectly free to pray in their schools. The law simply states that the teacher (or other school authority) cannot lead them in prayer or insist that they pray. This goes for children of all religions (and none). How could it be any more fair?

    Saluting the flag in not a religion and is not required of anyone but military personnel. The National Anthem is not a religious song.

    Regarding evolution, 'forcing' children to become educated is kind of the whole reason they are required to go to school. Science is a part of that education.

    The word God has no legal right to be on our money and will someday be removed. People will still be free to worship the god of their choice (or none).

    When people speak of having Christian beliefs 'shoved' at them they are generally not referring to this board. Although the Christians who insist that only they could possibly be right are indeed shoving. What most people are referring to is the way that Christianity infiltrates the laws of the US thus forcing everyone to live as though they believe in it. That, my dear, is shoving and people have every right to point it out and protest it.

    It will become 'fair' when this country truly allows the freedoms that it so often brags about.

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    How are schools "teaching ungod". Teaching ungod would be telling the students "god doesn't exist". The schools are merely silent on the subject of gods, and leave it up to the parents to determine whether or not they'll teach their children about whatever gods they believe in, if any.

    And your children can pray all they want. The school staff are simply not allowed to lead prayer or make children pray, nor are praying children allowed to disrupt class with their prayers. So long as students are not disruptive and not neglecting their studies they can pray until their heads explode. Why do some people think that if students aren't able to pray at the tops of their lungs and roll around on the ground their "forbidden" to pray?

    And think about it, do you want this to happen in the schools?

    Evolution is science, not atheism. Just because you choose to stick your head in the sand and pretend it's not true since it conflicts with your religious beliefs doesn't make it false.

    If you want your children to learn religion in school you should send them to a religious school. It's not fair for everybody of myriad religious beliefs, and no beliefs, to have *your* religion shoved on them just because you want it.

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    I think we all just need to calm down a little....I never prayed in school, but there was a moment of silence every morning in which we were allowed to think or not think anything we wanted and I wasn't insulted by it.

    I'm Wiccan and I really dont care when people wish me a Merry Christmas or Happy Easter....its the thought that counts, not the wording.

    The world is fair enough here in America where no one is being killed for their religious beliefs. Until we ARE being killed for our beliefs, I think we all just need to take a chill pill. I'm not insulted by the wording on the dollar bill, I'm more insulted by how little it gets me now. I think those are the types of REAL issues America needs to be worrying about, not whether we're pleasing every sector of society.

  • Evolution is not a religious belief, it is a scientific theory. If you do not wish for your children to learn about science, I suggest you home school them.

    And it was not atheists shouting down the Hindu prayer in the Senate- it was Christians. So it seems the Christians that say they want people to be free to pray are only speaking about other Christians.

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    Your children are allowed to pray anytime they want to. The purpose of prayer is not to draw attention to yourself or have everyone around you take notice of what you are doing.

    I often take a moment before I eat to think of all those who do not have enough to eat. I guarantee you my husband does not even know that I am doing this and we have been married for over 13 years.

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    Ummm darling? where did you get that false information? Your kids CAN pray in school - and likely do, when they were playing video games and not studying for the test. Private, personal prayer has always been allowed and there is no way to stop it - and no one wants to try. The ONLY prayer NOT allowed in schools is school sanctioned, teacher or administrator led where everyone is expected to participate.

    Prayer happens all the time in schools - I spent long enough as a teacher to know it happens. I can even cite a specific time when ministers(and other counselors) WERE brought into the school - two of the most popular kids at our school died together - it was accidental, but it affected a large part of the student body. Gauranteed there was prayer going on in the school for the better part of two weeks.

    But you are correct - life is never going to be fair - with or without religion, because too many other variables are involved - height, weight, intelligence, birth order, area of the world you are born into, socio-economic status, skin color, even sex.

    BTW? Please don't generalize - you've made it clear how you hate it - I have NEVER said that Christians as a whole were stupid. Clearly, as a whole, they are not. I have told people on here that their behavior or comments were stupid, usually trolls.

    You want the world to be more fair for your kids? Then start treating people as individuals, and not lumping them together

    EDIT - If you want religion taught in schools, then you should send them to a religious school. If it wasn't such a big deal for you, then you wouldn't bring it up.

    Nice job, offering drugs to everyone - what a great example you're setting for your kids - that a little pill will solve all their problems. You're worried about prayer in schools??? You have a much bigger issue to worry about at home.

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    unGod? oh fer crise sake! the teaching of evolution in science class isn't "unGod". it's not about gods at all. it's SCIENCE and science isn't out to prove or disprove the existence of invisible super beings.

    i'm sorry but American Fundy Christians are whiners. Christianity is the majority religion in America. Christians have HUGE lobbies in Washington DC and politicians pander to every Christian whimper. multimillion dollar Christian mega churches get tax exemption and employment opportunities are often given to Christians by Christian employers b/c both employer and applicant are Christian. yet you feel "persecuted" if you're not allowed to foist your religion on every child within the secular school system. children are certainly allowed to pray in school but prayers can not be state mandated and led by the faculty. tough beans for you if you aren't happy unless America is a Christian theocracy. now go tune your teeny violin.

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    Yeah that thing called the past, it's called that for a reason. If you wish to teach your kids about God do so at home. There are probably hundreds of kids of different religions in schools in America.

    For one, the morning prayer would take hours. And offend 99% of everyone. If you want this privledge then perhaps private school is for you.

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    All of that what you mention, including not saluting the flag, is part of the freedom that comes with being an American and living in the US. People are free to do and think as they please, so it's inevitable that people are going to get their toes stepped on and disagree with others, for all sorts of reasons--not just religion.

    I don't think prayer is appropriate in public schools. I think that if students themselves choose to do so, then that is their Constitutional Right. However, I do not believe that practicing religion and teaching it in public school is any more appropriate in public schools than it would be if scientists came into churches and used evidence to dismiss God. If someone wants their child to be more exposed to religion in school, then send them to a Christian school, or home school them.

    No one forces anyone to listen to anything, or think anything, or even do anything for that matter. I think it is extremely appropriate and American to say the Pledge of Allegiance every 7th inning; it's amazing to see as well. But no one is forced to par take; they can sit if they choose to. Even in public schools, the students are not forced to stand and say the Pledge, but many do nonetheless because people do take pride in it.

    Many times people are asking to "get blasted" when they start making statements that are politically incorrect, and many times that includes religion. Part of freedom is knowing how to use it appropriately, and it is to be expected that not everyone is going to accept other peoples' ideas, just as there are people who will accept them. That goes with many things, including religion. It's not easy standing up for what you believe in, but if you do truly believe in it, then you should have all confidence in it and be willing to stand up for it.

    "God Bless". "Allah is Good". "Logic is Undisputable". "I don't really know what to believe in". Is there really a difference in any of that? People have their own ideas, and while we should try to respect those ideas, there has never been a point in the history of mankind when an idea about a religion or their belief was just simply accepted and respected. That's why it is so important to have faith and have the courage to stand up and fight for what you believe in; in which, conflict, is inevitable, and what makes us human.

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