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Animal friendly?

I grew up with a family that doesn't care for animals. Just about everyone is a clean freak and animals are messy and drooly. Except for an aunt and a couple of cousins, no one in my family likes animals! Most other animal friends of mine grew up in households teeming with all kind of animal life. At times, it's really frustrating. Not too long ago, I found a stray dog (rottie mix, intact male) by the side of the road. My parents refused to take it to the nearest shelter. So I had to call animal control. Of course, I'm grateful that they understand how much I love animals and that they encourage me to do things with animals. But I certainly can't have an intellectual talk about dog training methods with them!

Have anyone else grown up in a family that didn't care for animals? If so, what made you love animals so much? Do you wish your family would show a bit more interest in animals?

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    I didn't but a friend of mine did. Her fam. felt like animals were 'less than' and were basically put on earth for us to eat, or work for us, not keep. She loved cats. It's a little brutal but I doubt you will have much luck, at least now, they pay the bills and unless you can afford big vet bills they have the say. It may be frustrating but dogs especially are allot of work and they will have to watch him/her while your at school..etc. Might I suggest that you volunteer at a shelter or vets office....that way you are near animals, see what it's like to be an owner, and are able to form relationships with them. That way, after a while, your family might see the level of commitment you are capable of (i.e. constant volunteering) and that you are not just going through a puppy phase. Also...I didn't get a dog till I was 25 and I don't feel like I have missed out on anything. Good Luck.

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    My family likes animals (we have a golden/lab mix) that everyone loves- but no one cares or even wants to listen to me about how terrible farm animals have it and training techiniques and reasons why you don't do what they do, etc. like that. I was the one in the family that really wanted a dog and did three years of research on them. The rest of the family just knows what I've told them. It is annoying and that's why I enjoy going on to this forum and discussing those kind of issues with people that care and understand.

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    That is hard for me to imagine. I grew up in a farm atmosphere. Goats, Cows, Turkeys, Chickens, dogs, cats, & all the wild little creatures like lizards, frogs, squirls, snakes, big spiders, centipedes..........

    None of us were or are clean freaks. I have had a really wide variety of pets in my life & have enjoyed everyone of them. Now I have 2 dogs( third is on his way, a foster dog) 2 ferrets & a cat.

    I don't know what I would do if I wasn't picking hair out of & off of everything.

    One of my sisters & her daughter is envolved with wild life rescue & the daughter is going to school now to be a Vet. They have 3 dogs & some cats along with their wild life critters.

    Another sister has two Pitt Bull.

    Another sister has 2 dogs & 3 or 4 cats.

    My brother has 3 cats, no dogs. They don't want dogs. They tie him down. He races Winged Sprints.

    We all have critters & dogs & cats.

    My mom has about 16 cats.

  • my parents hate(with a passion) animals

    i think that's exactly wat made me like them.

    like wen i was little i would chase butterflies and my mom would make me come back, but i wouldn't want 2 listen,

    and after i while of not listening to my mom i realized that i was really fascinated by animals.

    once i brought home a parakeet my friend gave me,

    and my mom only let me keep it under one condition,

    if i didn't,

    but i did.

    i do wish that my family would show more interest,

    like i would be talking for like 10 minutes about animals and then i'll look at them and they'll be looking at a magazine.

    I mean COME ON!!!

    how mean is that?!?

    i can tottally relate 2 u.

    now i just talk 2 my friends and they seem to appreciate me MUCH more.

    maybe u should share ur animal love with ur friends that love them 2!

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    My own parents hate pets... Mostly

    My dad is a mail man, and has been bitten by at least a dozen dogs.

    My mom claims to be allergic.

    Oh, well! I have ALWAYS loved animals, I think that's just a girly thing-- I've always loved babies and cute animals. My walls were FILLED with animal posters when I was "little." :) But, it kinda bugs me that my mom wont at least pet my cute puppy!

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    My family loves animals. we have 2 rat terriers, 1 rabbit(kept outside) and am currently raising a lab for guiding eyes for the blind.

    living with animals is good for you. if you have the time and money for an animal, then get one. i suggest you try out a dog like a rat terrier at 1st for a 1st dog. go to dog obedience classes with him/her. it'll be fun. good luck.

    if you love animals, then you'll know it when you're with 1.

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    My mom likes my two dogs but she won't touch them or let them touch her. She won't even pet them. She just doesn't care much for them. The rest of my family are pet lovers though.

  • My family doesn't care for animals. I don't spend much time with them, I have friends for that.

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