DOGS !!!! DOGS !! DOGS!!!!! Fun question?

Is your dog/dogs were working !!

What kinda of jobs woulb they have ?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Chuckles would be a retired old man that used to work at as a police officer, he is alert for any cats.

    Sampson would be a bagger at a grocer store and always likes to meet new people.

  • 1 decade ago

    Interesting question...

    For my dog, it depends on what mood she is in. If she is in one of her sweet and gentle moods, then she would probably work at a children's hospital, or maybe a nursing home. We have learned that she is very gentle with children and the elderly, so she would be great for such a job...if that was her mood at the time...

    If our dog was in one of her opposite moods (perhaps she has multiple personalities), then she would be the operator of a crane and wrecking ball. One of our dog's favorite things to do is get onto our couch and knock off every single pillow and blanket, and she also loves to knock things over (such as folding chairs, liters of pop, boxes, etc...) in order to get our attention...So, I'm fairly certain she would enjoy a job in the demolition area...

    And what would your dog be doing if it had a job?

    Best wishes!

  • Jersey would be a football player he loves throw and catch balls plus he's big.

    Billy would be a bum living on his moms(me) couch hes a mommas boy.

    Bruno and cody would be police officers because they are both very protective and love to eat (lol).

    Pete would be retired by now. Hes getting old.

    Kirby would be a personal trainer at the gym because he is very strong and active.

    Apollo would be a comedian. He always has everyone cracking up.

  • 4 years ago

    Aww! Your dogs sound so cute! I have a Jack Russel x Fox Terrior named Rocky. I usually play tug of war with him (with meat, the only way to get him to play!) He sort of looks like a small dingo (very small!) with floppy ears. He is 10 years old (or seventy) and loves it when I have food. He is a full on carnivore and acts like he is allergic to bread. I once let him come on a bike ride with me when I was 7, and when we were halfway to the milk bar he dashed somewhere. I shrugged and kept on going, thinking he would get scared and follow me. When I got home with the milk and chocolate, I found him waiting in front of the garage with his awesomely cute big brown eyes. I got off my bike and had a 30 minute laughing fit on the spot.

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  • mcally
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    1 decade ago

    Alexis- Whatever Paris Hilton does, cause she thinks she is that kind of dog.

    T'Pol- The geeky kid that hides in their parents basement all day creating computer programs

    Pinkie- supermodel

    Butter-The person that dresses in the Mickey Mouse suit

    London- Bike courier

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Demon would be the official taste tester for a King and Queen, since he thinks he is royalty already..

    Koda would be the worlds best Therapy Dog, everyone loves him, and he loves the kids at the Children's Hospital we go to.

    Bo--would be a world champion swimmer, he can swim forever, we have to make him get our of the pool......he thinks he is a duck or something........

    Thunder--well, now he is so laid back, he would be the worlds greatest kisser to burglars.....

    Satan--he would be the bully in school, he pushes everyone around.......till they put him in his place.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    My pomeranian would be a drill sergeant. Or just a manager of some sort. Always barking orders and making sure I'm on time and doing what I need to do! Cute question.

  • 1 decade ago

    Bella Would probably be working at the ASPCA ( she loves that place! Even though she spent almost 1 year of her life at one! )

    Lexi would probably be working at some sort of hair salon ( she is obsessed with fur and peoples hair! )

    Cowboy would probably be Bull rider! he loves danger and everything

    Champ ( my new pit mix ) would probably work at Mcdonalds LOL!!!

    Dezi would probably work as a personal Trainer for someone, she loves exersize!

    Tex would probably be a Pro Soccer player ( his fav toy is a toy soccer ball and he plays with it 24/7 ).

    Westi would probably be some sort of Acter ( he is SO overdramatic with EVERYTHING! )

  • 1 decade ago

    He would be part of the Beagle Brigade. You know, the beagles in airports that sniff bags for drugs or foods that could carry parasites.

    Mmm, food.

    But if he was a human, he'd probably be one of those stalker people that are paid to track someone down and get info on them.

  • 1 decade ago

    Thats a hard one- They don't do much besides sleep swim and eat-... my girl would probably be the dog that go to hospital for sick kids, She is so gentle I can see her giving hugs and love to a sick child..Yep thats it!

    Titus would be a famous swimmer cause he is super fast- he could beat Phelps for sure

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