What states are most helpful toward providing health care, food stamps and housing for low-income citizens?

I'm a senior citizen with a low income living in Texas, hoping to move to a state that will provide these items (food stamps, health care, etc.,) to my wife and I in order for us to live a productive life.

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    Anyone of any age can apply for & receive EMERGENCY FOOD STAMPS within 72 hours. It may only be a one time thing, but you or your wife should apply. The office refers you to a food bank to tide you over for a few days until the stamps are approved. All you need is a photo id, ss card, proof of income (award letter), bank statement, pink slip, etc. Even the homeless get food stamps. It helps to have a mailing address.

    As for health care, all anyone needs to do is go into any hospital emergency room if you need medical assistance & they MUST give you care. They will also have a social worker on staff who can assist you in starting the needed paperwork for getting a services card that can be used at all clinics & doctors offices that accept them.

    In California, we have Medi-Cal Cards the are issued at the same office where you apply for cash aid & food stamps.

    If you do not already have SSA or SSI or SDI, then you most likely can apply for EMERGENCY CASH AID, in the state you are in. Some state only assist families with children. Others, like Cali, give assistance to single people who have no underaged children in the home, according to the county you go to. LOS ANGELES COUNTY gives their benefits to just about anyone.

    Here's the catch...married people tend to get less. If you are divorced or single & living together, you'll receive more help. I don't know why, but that's just the way the system is designed. Married people wanting help get raked over the coals.

    Housing takes years on a waiting list. Seniors often get housing faster if they can settle for a studio or 1 bedroom unit in a senior housing unit. But don't think you can move in any of your relatives if they are under the age of 55 in cali, cuz you'll end up evicted.

    Hope that helped. As I was typing in that last line, we just had an earthquake...remember that if you are coming to Cali...the earth sometimes moves when you least expect it to! Funny it happened now!

  • Tara
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    Let's get one thing clear. Americans pay too much for health care and most of it is no better than what you get in other industrialized countries. I have lived in both the UK and the USA. I have used healthcare services all my life. In the UK, services are just as good as the USA. It's just that treatment is based on need, not on how good your insurance plan is. Now consider cost. The British worker on average wages pays one third less in taxes for healthcare than the average American worker pays in taxes and insurance premiums. No scholarly study has even attempted to quantify the effects of co-pays and co-insurance. In the UK the only healthcare costs incurred at point of use are prescription charges that four-fifths of people getting prescriptions don't even pay. You see, in the UK everyone over 60 gets free medication at point of use. Free. For nothing. At no cost. Gratis. There is no need to choose between paying the gas bill (in the hope that having heat will stop you from getting sick) and buying medicine (which you need even more because you couldn't afford the gas bill). Meanwhile, in the USA, people retire then start paying big bucks out of a fixed income for healthcare or accept second-rate treatment through Medicare. I can never retire in the USA. I will always need a job that gives health benefits, just so that I can afford the medicine that will keep me alive. The USA is in a great position. The world has had state-controlled healthcare for almost sixty years. We can devise a plan that takes the best bits and leaves out the worst bits. Lets take the initiative now to reduce costs and build a healthcare system that will be the envy of the world.

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    I can tell you that Louisiana does offer all those if you qualify. However, they are stringent to some and yet lenient to others. I had a hard time getting food stamps for my elderly folks who were on very low (SSI) benefits. Yet, their health care was excellent as far as Medicare and Medicaid. I was also able to get prescription help through pharmaceutical companies that allowed. Housing, however, is a different subject. The waiting list for low-income, elderly is quite long. I kept my parents with me and helped supplement the food bills. Good luck to both of you and hope that you can get the help you need.

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    In my area the housing for senior citizens is pathetic. In a town of only 10,000 people they erected two high rise institutional buildings just for the elderly. Jam them all together in tiny little rooms with no decent area to enjoy the out of doors and very little transportation. Yet they have built a couple hundred beautiful townhouses for low income families with garages,central air,patios ,etc. It just doesn't pay to get old.

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  • vinny
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    Are you both 62 or better 65?

    If the answer is yes,wherever you live you get Social Security, and Medicare.

    Why don't you Email me with some answeres.I would like to help you with this. Vinny 7/30

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    The north and the northeast along with California and Oregon. These states have much better social safety nets. Michigan and New York are good in particular.

  • maggie
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    Missouri is good to there seniors and they have a good program and loads of things for them and food banks and food cards and the system helps with housing here and is good to the seniors

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    Just wishing you luck, I was going to put NOT TEXAS,, As for Pauls cruel answer my husband has worked steady all his life and me too till disabled, it is going to be a big adjustment even for us when we retire. He works for school system. We get all the extras over border and left over hurricane persons and Texas childrens health is not as promiced either. I would leave also if I could.

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    Check out northeastern Ohio. I just moved from Ohio & while living there, I was aware of the help Seniors were able to receive. If you don't mind the cold winters, but love warm summers, this is the place to be. Erie, Pa, is just across the border, eastward & Cleveland, Ohio, is to the west if you like day trips right on Lake Erie.

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    im in s.e. ok. they are pretty supportive here, there is low income housing, (although i don't think youger disabled people should live there, they are included in some housing) but we have vans, buses, meals on wheels, one pharmacy delivers, (walmart should start but i'm in a small county seat) any way we have several programs.

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