what happened on yesterday's Y&R?

Monday July 28th, 2008, can anyone give me a full recap?

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    Paul takes Nikki to the hospital, Sabrina and David are taken from the crash, Daniel won't let Amber go.

    At the ranch, Victor is calling around and blackening Philippe's name with art dealers while waiting for Sabrina to get home. Michael comes in and breaks the news that Nikki and David's limo has crashed. He offers to go and check it out first but Victor is insistent on going along. He calls Sabrina to tell her that he is going to check on Nikki.

    At the scene of the accident, Victor and Michael crawl down and are told that the driver is dead and a woman has been rushed off. Victor looks inside the car. "I told you not to get involved with this man," he says as he flashes back to through his past with Nikki. He notices a piece of jewelry and picks it up. Horrified, he walks over to David and asks if Sabrina was in the car with him. He nods and gasps. Michael rushes Victor to the hospital.

    Paul rushes Nikki to the hospital. She begins convulsing. Paul and JT are pushed out so the doctors can treat her. After she is stabilized, Paul is allowed to see her. She wakes up confused. He explains that she was drugged by David.

    Phyllis stops Daniel before he can leave the gala. She wants to talk about Amber. "You can't stay out of my business can you?" he shakes angrily. He can't tell her enough times to stay out of his life. He storms off. Nick and Victoria rush out saying that Nikki has just been taken to the hospital.

    They rush over to the hospital and meet JT. He tells them what's happened and takes Victoria inside to see her mother. Nick follows but Phyllis stays behind to call Daniel. Nikki tells her children that she can't believe what's happened with David. They thank Paul. He explains David's sordid dealings to them. Paul gets a call: David's dead, he announces. Nikki asks to be left alone, but she tells Paul to stay. She doesn't know why she feels like crying over the man who tried to kill her. "What would I do without you?" she says. "That's what friends are for," Paul says before explaining that Sabrina was in the car with David.

    Nick, Victoria and Phyllis sit around the waiting room. Nick explains the David mess. JT comes out and announces that Sabrina was in the car with David. Victoria feels horrible; she was trying to apologize and now may never have the chance. "I have to see her," she says. JT sits her down and tells her that he wants to see her mend their relationship, but now isn't the time.

    Victor sits at Sabrina's side. He announces that he will be taking her home. He asks her why she didn't wait for the car and promises to make her better. She's unconscious. He pulls back the sheet and stares at her belly. Michael brings the doctor in. He tells them that she is in no condition to be moved. Victor asks about the baby. "I'm very sorry," the doctor says.

    In the hall, Victor orders the doctor to prepare his wife's release; he wants her to recover at home. The doctor explains that her blood is toxic, her liver was lacerated and her other organs are failing. She doesn't have much time. Victor refuses to accept that. He returns to Sabrina's side and tells Michael to fly in specialists. Michael doubts it will help. Victor talks about trying for another baby and ordering a dialysis machine even if it won't do any good. Victoria and JT walk in. "How is she?" Victoria asks. Victor tells them to leave. Victoria cries and apologizes. "It's too late for that," Victor mutters. She walks out and cries. JT cradles her as Michael walks by. He asks about Nikki and then tells them that Sabrina won't make it.

    Michael orders the doctor to get the dialysis machine. Victor needs that, even if it doesn't make sense.

    Nick tells Phyllis that she can go home. He worries about his father and what he must be going through. She tells him to go and see his father. "I can't. He crossed the line. It's Adam's place now to be there for him," he says, confident that he's the last person Victor wants to see.

    Nick tells his sister he's sorry about Sabrina and for the way Victor went off on her. She feels terrible; she's sure that Sabrina is dying and she never had the chance to say she was sorry. Nick reminds her that their father has practically disowned them and refuses to let them near. She tells him he still has to try to see their father.

    Paul tells Nikki that Sabrina is in the ICU and David is in the morgue. He offers to call the funeral home. She tells him that she feels nauseated. He leaves to get her something and she sneaks out of her room, dragging her IV along.

    Sabrina opens her eyes. Victor explains that she was in an accident. She cries as she asks about the baby. He kisses her forehead and promises her they can have lots of babies. "I'm dying aren't I?" she asks. He tells her not to talk about it. She wants the truth. He promises that he won't let anything happen to her. Nikki has been watching from the door. She quietly moves away.

    Daniel goes to see Amber at the apartment. She's packing. His phone rings: It's Phyllis. He doesn't answer. Amber tells him she is moving back to LA so she doesn't have to watch him with other women. He tells her there might be a problem with that: He's moving to LA too. He wants to talk. She thinks he only listens to his mom. He says that Phyllis can't win unless they let her. Phyllis calls again and he answers. She tells him that Nikki is in the hospital. "I'll talk to you tomorrow," he says, hanging up. He tells Amber that he's told his mother off; no one deserves to be treated the way she was by Phyllis. Amber claims that she's every mother's worst nightmare. He tells her that doesn't matter - "we matter". He helps her unpack. She asks him what they're doing. "I'm here," he says. Time without her sucks. They begin to kiss and undress. Phyllis comes knocking at the door. She threatens to let herself in. They ignore her and he carries Amber into the bedroom.

    Next on The Young and the Restless:

    A paparazzo brings Jack photos of Sabrina's accident. "What makes you think I want these?" Jack asks.

    They've found morphine in David's pocket.

    "There's no reason for you to be here," Victor says. "I'm not leaving," Nick refuses.

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    David and the limo driver died.

    Nikki is in the hospital and should be released today.

    Sabrina lost the baby and is in serious condition (dying)

    Amber and Daniel make love

    here's a good site


    I guess today, Chloe is going to alter her first sonogram to make it look likes she's just a week or 2 pregnant, to fool Cane into thinking the baby is his.

    Did you see the house that Cane bought Lily?

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    You can watch it on the soapnet channel on Saturday night, they always air the whole previous week's Y&R back to back on Saturday evenings!

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    Well l guess you got what you asked for then. It was indeed a touching episode.

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    CBS Monday, July 28, 2008

    Michael informs Victor that Nikki and David's limo was in an accident and Victor's first instinct is to be by Nikki's side. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Nikki comes into the hospital unconscious and Paul and J.T. stand by as the doctors work on her. At the gala, Phyllis and Nick get into another fight regarding Amber as Nick and Victoria get the news that Nikki has been rushed to the hospital. At the crash site, Sabrina lays inside the limo, lifeless. Michael and Victor arrive at the crash site. An officer tells them that David probably won't make it and the only woman in the crash was taken to the hospital. As Victor looks into the limo he remembers his life with Nikki, until he finds one of Sabrina's earrings. Later, Victor demands David tell him if Sabrina was in the car with him and with his last moment of life, David nods. As Nikki wakes up, Paul tells her that David drugged her and the reality of the situation hits Nikki hard. Moments later, Nick, Victoria and Phyllis arrive to see Nikki and are horrified to learn that David tried to kill Nikki. Daniel goes to the penthouse to find Amber packing. She tells him that she is moving back to Los Angeles. Daniel tells her that he plans to move to L.A. also. Daniel opens up to Amber but Phyllis interrupts them when she calls to tell Daniel about Nikki. Later, Daniel apologizes to Amber for everything Phyllis put her through while he was gone. He asks her not to move to Los Angeles because he would be lost if they never saw each other again. Nick, and Victoria rush into see Nikki and Paul tells them everything about David's past. He gets a call and informs Nikki that David was in an accident and that he died. Nikki asks her children to leave and once they are gone Paul tells her that Sabrina was in the car with David. J.T. tells Nick, Victoria and Phyllis that Sabrina was in the car with David and that she is in the I.C.U. Victoria tries to rush to find Sabrina and tell her that she was wrong about everything but J.T. stops her. Later, Paul tells Nikki not to worry about anything regarding David anymore; he will take care of it. While at Sabrina's side, Victor learns that Sabrina lost the baby. The doctor enters and informs Victor that Sabrina's liver was lacerated and she doesn't have much time to live. Victoria comes in to try and talk to Victor and Sabrina but in his pain he lashes out at her. Moments later, Sabrina wakes up. Nick advises Phyllis to work things out with Daniel, so that she doesn't end up with the same relationship that he has with Victor. Meanwhile, Amber asks Daniel what is going on between them. Later, Daniel tells Amber that he is home, if she wants him. Phyllis comes by to talk to Daniel but they refuse to answer the door for her. Victoria pleads with Nick to go support Victor in his time of need. Meanwhile, Sabrina realizes that she lost her baby and from Victor's voice can tell that she is dying. As Victor promises not to let her die, Nikki overhears their conversation

    Source(s): For past recaps check out: http://ca.blog.360.yahoo.com/blog-tpI8at01fqQmCQnz...
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    you can watch the entire show at www.cbs.com. they have a section for daytime shows, and you'll find y&r there.

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