Hey Guys. How often do you fap?

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How often do you "beat the meat", "butter your corn", "play with the snake", or whatever you may call it?

Me, myself, and I do it every day.
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  • Josh answered 6 years ago
Ashamed to admit it everyday, wait, why should I be ashamed. I DO IT EVERY DAY!!!!!!!!!

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  • Connor answered 6 years ago
    Just call it masturbation.

    I do it like 1/3 times a day.

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  • Toddzam answered 6 years ago
    maybe everyday, all depends on the mood i'm in.

    LOL...iv'e never heard of fapping it lol!!
    Yeah its masturbation.

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  • T-MAN 2013 answered 6 years ago
    every day pretty much but when i have like a big game or something maybe 3
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  • Jeremy W answered 6 years ago
    ya like conner just call it masterbation and i do it once or twice a week but it perfectly normal to do it every day i used to do it every day and my friend doesnt at all
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  • Mighty blue box answered 6 years ago
    1-3 times aday if i have time but mostly just 1 time during the day.
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  • College Frosh answered 6 years ago
    anywhere between one to three times a day.
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  • ? answered 6 years ago
    i di it 1-3 times aday
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  • Hermes answered 6 years ago
    Every day when I don't have sex and many days when I do.

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  • Thad Tacoma answered 6 years ago
    24/7, 365 X a day plus regular sex with a HOT, horny,nymphomaniac woman!
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  • Emoteen154 answered 6 years ago
    i only do it when i have the urge to.but thats only when im not with my Girlfriend.
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  • coolboii answered 6 years ago
    Twice a week as some one said im 13 hehe well dont be ashamed!!!! :P :D i used to be so ashemd i not now took a while to get over it..... Yes as connor said call it mastuerbation
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