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tenerife, playa de las americas?

at end of september begining of october will playa de las americas in tenerife be a good place to go, will there be good nightlife at that time? im trying to find a warmish place with good nightlife around begining of october time! help please! xxxx

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    There are three natural beaches ( Playa de las Americas San Eugenio and Toviscas and three man-made ones, all covered with dark volcanic sand and extremely crowded during the summer season.


    With more nightclubs than some British cities, Las Americas is a honey pot for those looking for more of a nocturnal holiday.

    The area known as The Patch is the best place to start the evening; there is a fine choice of nightspots and most have a happy hour or two.

    The most popular are Rags and Linekers - all dance bars which play a good mix of Pop, R&B, Dance and 80s party music. Many of the bars have good live music, often with impersonators.

    Later on the Veronicas complex and the Starco Commercial Centre are the places to head to, or avoid. The streets are packed with revellers until the early hours, particularly during the busy summer months.

    Bobby's and Busby's are good options for those into RnB and Garage, as is Tramps - the largest club on the island. There are also two casinos at the resort.

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    Playa De Las Americas Nightlife

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    I agree with what Amy said. I too have lived and worked there and it's pretty much an all year round place to go.

    Try out the patch, veronicas and starco and you will be able to find what bars you like yourself. People say veronicas is a no go area, I say suck it and see. I worked for a bar on veronicas for nearly my whole time there and loved it.

    I'd reccommend


    Linikers - great music, great staff and always packed out.

    Rags - open till 6am, smaller than tramps but equally as good.

    Tramps - again open till 6am get a lot of top djs through summer although I'm not sure when they stop coming, either way you've got to visit tramps.


    The Cally Bar - Scottish bar, great staff, DJ and drink deals.

    Jumpin Jaks: Nice open terrace and good music.

    I went on my first girls holiday in Tenerife and I loved it so much I went back to work there the following year.

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    It really depends on what type of nightlife you are looking for.

    Tenerife is a year round resort and is always lively. If you are looking for a younger nightlife Veronicas is the place to go however it can be very rough and dirty and you will be bombarded with touts.

    However we always stay in Costa Adeje and the nightlife is totally different as we try and go to places with live entertainment, live bands, comedians etc. There is a bar called San Eugenies and the compare is called Mike Carlton and he is fabulous and there are normally 2 acts on every night

    If you go further past Veronicas towards Los Cristianos you will come to an area called the Patch and there is a bar called The Dubliner with a live band on every night and they are super!

    Have a great time!!

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    Be aware that there are very nasty areas in this resort the Veronicas I believe it is called.

    Plenty of nightlife but a lot of trouble. May not be too bad in October but keep hold of your valuables etc and always be with a friend.

    Good Luck

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    i used to live in tenerife, and no i wasnt a pr or timeshare!!! the patch and the strip are great if busy busy mad mad drunk drunk nights are what your looking for, if not there are plenty of other places to go to... it wil still be really warm then it was still roasting when i was out there in jan and feb.... hope you go hope you have a good time xxxxx

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    In my opinion it is the best time of year to visit. The weather is fabulous, the night life is buzzing and best of all, the kids are back in school

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