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How do I get rid of this "chip" on my shoulder as I have been told?

I have been told that I am an angry person and I had to take anger management classes in elementary school but I cant change who I am.... my childhood was about as rough as you could imagine so therefore I am an angry person but how do I become "happier"? Im currently 17 and im filled with hate but I really dont know what to do??? Is their anyone who is older that went through this same experience because nothing works


well I still maintain a 4.0 GPA and Im and All-state safety out of missouri but I still think everyone is dumb and I get mad at people easily if they dont see things my way

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    I didn't think they still used that term anymore. I can understand your being angry from a life of termoil. It's hard to become happy. I see strife with my kids every day (not from me).

    Seperate yourself from the situations that make you unhappy and seek the comfort of friends who can make you feel better about yourself. Since stress rolls down hills and kills, be careful how you treat your peers. (ie-my daughter came to me and told me she hates the man who she is living with-now I am stressed about it)

    If all else fails, seek professional help. Stress is a part of growing up, but it can damage your life badly. Get a grip of it now while you still have a chance.

    Good luck, darlin'.

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    When someone tells you that you have a "chip" on your shoulder it menas that you are not letting go of something or that something is bothering you and you can't get away from it. Try to be more peaceful and donn't get mad very fast

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