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I got a juicer, and some wheatgrass, but what do I do just stuff it in? Any other recipies I can try in my juicer would be great, thanks...

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    Here is an excellent website about wheatgrass:

    I cut wheatgrass by the handful direct from the tray, cutting as close to the soil as possible.

    I then put it straight through the juicer.

    The pulp can be run through the juicer twice to squeeze every last drop out.

    Wash the juicer soon afterwards, as wheatgrass can stain if left too long.

    Dr Sandra Cabot has two excellent books on juicing:

    Raw Juices Can Save Your Life

    Juice Fasting Bible: Discover the Power of an All-Juice Diet to Restore Good Health, Lose Weight and Increase Vitality

    Maybe you could borrow them from your local library?

    My current favourite juice is orange, lemon, carrot, turmeric & ginger.

    This combination is a great flu fighter and it tastes utterly sensational (especially if you use all certified organic or biodynamic produce) I am currently drinking about 750ml of this particular juice a day.


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    wow! love wheatgrass!!!!! yeah, just stuff it in and grind it, i recomend staining it at least once after juicing. check out "ANNE WIGMORE" Homepage, lived with and worked with her in early 70's, went raw to rid myself of Asthma - it worked for me. did you know the molecular structure of wheatgrass is almost exactly the same as blood? base element is only diff. magnesium in wheatgrass & iron in blood. :)

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