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What's the best place to visit in the Philippines?

and what's the best food to try? =)


Slamat sa pagtangkilik sa kulturang pinoy? What does that mean?

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    Depends on what you kind of activity you are interested in, and the time that you have.

    for shopping:

    1) Mall of Asia - Manila - biggest shopping mall in the Philippines

    2) Greenhills - Manila - bargain goods / knock offs (unfortunate but true) but also a lot of knick knacks

    for beaches:

    1) Boracay - (45 min by plane from manila) - the best if you like a party beach kind of place, but there are resorts in boracay that could offer privacy and seclusion

    2) Palawan - (2 to 3 hours by plane) - the Philippine's last wilderness. Excellent snorkelling and visit the world's longest underground river, crocodile farm, etc. If you have the money, Aman Pulo is a very exclusive, very posh resort.

    3) Surigao / Siargao - (by plane) - best surfing in the Philippines.

    4) Mindoro (land trip + ferry or Boat) - best diving and party beach

    5) Ilocos Norte (northern tip of the Philippines - 11 hrs by land, 45 min I think by plane) - the south china sea beckons, and visit the home of the Philippine's ex-dictator.

    Cultural and historical trips:

    1) Intramuros - Manila - visit the old walled city of Manila, home of the Manila Cathedral and San Agustine Churches. Fort Santiago has a museum on Jose Rizal, the Philippines' National Hero

    2) Corregidor - 2 hours by ferry from manila - World War II Island fortress off the famous Manila Bay, with a very informative and interesting guided tour by war veterans.

    3) Chinatown tour - Manila - walking tours are now available, and features a very interesting and informative view of the Chinese-Filipino culture in the Philippines and includes trips to the bargain areas off chinatown as well as delish restaurant tour of Chinatown.


    1) Tagaytay - see the volcano within a lake within a volcano within a lake. One of the cooler areas in the country.

    2) Baguio - the Philippine's summer capital. 5 to 7 hours away from Manila by car. Also a cool area as it is up in the mountains.

    3) Sagada - Baguio 10 years ago, still fresh and cool with a decidedly anglican culture. It's 15 hours away by bus and jeep, but once there, have you fill of hiking trails, hanging coffins, spelunking, and indulge in the Ifugao culture.

    4) Pagsanjan falls - 2 hours from Manila by car - waterfalls and an excellent river ride.

    5) Hidden Valley - hot springs galore in a very exotic forest setting - about 4 hours away from Manila.

    There are still other interesting and beautiful places to see in the Philippines, the list above is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Have Fun!

    Best Food: sisig, karekare, barbeque!!!, crispy pata, sinigang, adobo, halohalo, kakanin... the list is endless!!!

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  • Donna
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    1. Baguio City If you’re uncomfortable of the hot and humid weather of the Philippines, why not visit Baguio City – the summer capital of the Philippines? Tourists usually take their summer vacation here because the year-round cool climate is akin to the winter climate near the equator. 2. Banaue Rice Terraces Banaue rice terraces is listed among the eighth wonders of the world – this multi-layered terraces of rice was amazingly manually engineered 2000 to 3000 years ago by the Ifugaos, when there were still no machinery or equipment to help them. Tourists enjoy hiking in the many trails of the rice terraces. 3. Bohol Island The Bohol island in the Philippines can be considered a paradise – and that is because it is famous for its white sand beaches, numerous caves with underground pond, the Chocolate Hills and the Tarsier, the smallest primate in the world. Bohol is surrounded by beautiful beaches and corral reefs, something nature-lover tourists would enjoy. 4. Boracay Island Boracay is world famous and is almost always the first beach mentioned when tourists talk about vacation places in the Philippines because of its white sand beaches. Boracay is a nice place to picnic during the day or to play golf, may be do some diving or snorkeling is at the Crocodile Island. There are also bat caves to explore on the northeastern coast of Yapak. 5. Cebu City Cebu City is where you’ll find the shrine of the Battle of Mactan – Lapu-Lapu’s shrine and Magellan’s Cross. 6. Davao Davao is where you’ll find the Philippine Monkey-Eating Eagle, an eagle that preys on monkeys. For the food enthusiasts, Davao offers their local cuisines at very reasonable prices: fresh seafood especially grilled tuna and tiger prawns. Not to be missed when in Davao is the famous durian which has awful smell but many find delicious – and nutritious too! 7. Palawan With over 1,700 islands and islets, Palawan is known as having one of the most beautiful seascapes in the world. The Calauit Wildlife Sanctuary is a home of exotic and endemic species of animals found in Palawan such as the Palawan bear cats and Philippine mouse deer. 8. Vigan One can see precious remnants of old Spanish architecture throughout Vigan. Historians say Vigan is the oldest surviving Spanish colonial city in the Philippines.

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    Salamat sa pagtangkilik sa kulturang Pilipino means thank you for patronizing the Filipino kulture.

    Best place to visit depends on what places you'd like to see. Are you into extreme sports? Into diving? Into clubbing? Malling?

    As regard the best food to try, you've never been to the Philippines if you haven't eaten "balut" and "isaw" and "fishball" among other foods.

    But of course, there's more to than that, depends if you're into veggies (you should try the Ilocano dishes); spicy foods (Bicol Express is the best); grilled foods (Inasal)...

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    try visiting Mall Of Asia and yes, Puerto Galera and Boracay

    OH and Baguio and Tagaytay (the coldest places)

    Salamat Sa Pagtangkilik sa Kulturang Pinoy!

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  • Greg S
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    madrid j, dyelibins0120, mommy jeo and clarisse gave you some pretty good answers.

    the best place to visit in the phillipines is rather a subjective proposition but i would have to recommend the island of bohol. if you visited bohol you could visit the tarsier sanctuary to see the world's smallest primates, see the chocolate hills, one of the world's great natural wonders, have lunch on a floating restaurant on the loboc river and see the stone church at loboc, marvel at the inland and coastal landscapes, and stay at one of the resorts on panglao island and enjoy the beautiful beaches, go dolphin spotting, snorkelling and diving.

    i would also recommend squeezing in some time en-route to have a bit of a look around in cebu and manila. catch the ferry from cebu to bohol, it's a scenic 2 hour journey

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    Best Places!




    ~Puerto Galera

    ~Mall of Asia [it's near Manila]




    ~Hidden Valley [very refreshing! just kick back and RELAX!]


    ~Puerto Princessa

    ~Laguna [there's a theme park near there]

    I've lived there [home country, pinoy pride!] and it is awesome!

    best food:

    ~chicken adobo

    ~Balut [it's kinda disgusting if you look at it first but it's yummy!]

    ~Fishball [It's good too!]


    ~Bangus [must try!]


    ~Pakbet Ilokano


    ~HaloHalo [it's very good!]

    ~Jollibee [it's like McDonald's but better!]


    ~Kare Kare



    =] oh right, Salamat Sa Pagtangkilik sa Kulturang Pinoy


    Thank You for putting interest in the Filipino Culture! =]

    Source(s): I'm 50% pinay 50%Japanese but I know more about Philippines!!! Pinoy Pride!
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    There's a lot of these places in the Philippines like in


    2.Puerto Galera



    5.Manila like Fort Santiago,Mall Of Asia



    8.Vigan,Ilocos Sur

    9.Pagudpod in Ilocos Provinces

    10.Makati City because there's a newly opened in the some malls in Greenbelt like in Greenbelt 5

    There's a lot of the best food here like fresh seafoods,kare kare,sinigang na baboy,sinigang na bangus,chicken barbeque,sisig,isaw,pakbet Ilokano etc.

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  • Anonymous
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    Try visiting Boracay and El Nido (if you like beaches), Baguio and Tagaytay If you like scenic views.

    Filipino food I recommend are:

    Lechon (roasted pig)

    Sinampalukang Manok (Chicken in sour soup)

    Adobong manok ( Chicken cooked in a uniquely Filipino recipie)

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  • 1 decade ago

    the best place to visit in the philippines are....

    actually theres a lot of place which is the "best"

    but if you like beaches and stuff you may try going to these places:

    1. boracay

    2. puerto galera

    3. bohol

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  • 1 decade ago

    Palawan is the best place to visit...

    taste their specialties:


    KaLui Restaurant, Often rated as one of the best restaurants in Palawan, go for the fresh catch of the day set meal.

    "thank you for supporting the culture of the Filipinos"

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