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1. Reply to a friend Peter, what is the international trade flow, specify each process step by step.

2. Introduce an unknown customer ABC auto parts company, what Global company major in , the machine name and their volume Global have, the competibility to work with Global. Finally, hope to have contact very soon.

3. Inquiry to a new vendor XYZ steel company, now you need the newly price of 100Cr6, but you don't make sure its machinery can be capable to your use, so you ask the saleman to sent a catalog with for your information.

4. RFQ to a customer DEF company, breakdown the quotation price into material cost, machining cost, freight, other makeup.




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    Dear Peter,

    Please let me explain the international trade flow as a manufacturer position. In the begining of every business, the quotation is the point of key. At first we receive the inquiry from potential buyers, then we offer them the price of products with our best term. Delivery date, payment, trade terms and valid time are also essential to advise. Once go through the deal and receive orders from buyers, we send Proforma Invoice for buyers confirmation and wait for they send back with confirmed signature as well as start to proceed with the order accrodingly. As the goods are completed for delivery, we send buyers packing list and commercial invoice to advise the shipping schedule. Marine transit is generally being used as it's cheaper than airfreight. No matter B/L or AWB both need to be provided to buyers as per the payment term since they will need the documents to do customs clearance as well as pick up the cargoes. So, the flow of trade is generally proceeded like this. Should you have any questions, please tell me, I'll be glad to explain any details you'd like to know.

    With best regards,



    Dear Sir or Madam,

    We are now interested in further data on your products, specifically the 100Cr6. We would appreciate your forwarding us all technical and price information relating to the product, so that we could review and make further inquiries. It would be also appreciated if you could send us catalogues for our reference.

    Looking forward to receiving your prompt reply.

    With best regards,


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