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幫我查片語的.意思.kk音標.句子 急!

1. apply for26. lead to

2. back up 27. learn one’s lesson

3. break up with28. look after

4. burst into 29. look forward to

5. call off 30. major in

6. take care of31. melt away

7. carry out32. out of order

8. catch up with33. take part in

9.compete for34. point out

10. concentrate on35. take pride in

11. in contrast36. on purpose

12. cross out37. put off

13. out of date38. work out

14. deal with39. rely on

15. depend on40. get rid of

16. drop by41. run into

17. make an effort to42. search for

18. end up 43. settle down

19. even if44. stand for

20. fail to45. stick to

21. focus on46. take over

22. find out 47. tend to

23. go after48. think over

24. hear from49. at times

25. break the law50. wear out

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