Online driving school for senior citizens with insurance reduction offers?

Hi, we are the citizens of California. Mr. Jack my grand father, 56yrs old. Recently he got traffic ticket for taking wrong ‘u’ turn of car. He can’t sit much time at class room to complete the course for ticket dismissal. I am searching for an online leading traffic school courses and also I heard that there is a special offer for senior citizens like insurance reduction etc. Please any body could provide detailed information about online driving school for senior citizens.

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    Its good to see that grand son searching information for his grand father about the driving school course. Now a days not only Senior drivers, every one doesn't wanted time to be wasted sitting in long hours in traditional Classroom sessions.

    Now the trend has been changed everyone preferring to take ONLINE courses for multiple benefits.

    1. Un Limited Log In and Log Out from the course

    2. 24/7 Customer Support

    3. Interactive Course Modules

    4. They can complete the course from anywhere is a leading senior driver training course aging 55 years or more offering traffic ticket dismissal course and along with that they will receive mandatory Auto insurance discount.

    Course Description:

    California Mature Driver Improvement (Initial Course) – $19.95

    If you are age 55 or older, complete this online driver training course to receive a mandatory discount on vehicle liability insurance (as provided under section 11628.3 of the California insurance code). The reduced vehicle liability insurance is good for 3 years after completion of this course.

    This course is approved by the state of California (Provider ID: MO327).

    Get more information at :

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    For more information about Online driving school for senior citizens with insurance reduction offers visit web site

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    Very well done. I'm a locomotive Engineer and could apply this to the trains - except for the "tires, tarpaulins, steering wheel, and ropes" parts. I couldn't imagine going to work anywhere and not have the horizon in front of me.

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