Jansport backpack size chart?

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i went to jansport.com, and found a backpack i liked, and i wanted to know if it would hold my stuff. The following website tells you what it holds, ...show more
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  • ijc answered 6 years ago
At the Jansport website, what they tell you it will hold is all together at one time. Personally I like Jansport, they have a lifetime warranty and they honor it.

I have a couple of their bookbags and my pack for backpacking is from them. I have used other brands, but I keep going back to Jansport. Just personal opinion.

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  • em answered 6 years ago
    I like Jansport, too. I had one in college and it's probably still around here somewhere many years later. Check with other places that sell them (JCPenney's, Academy-?, etc.) because they'll have them on sale before school starts.
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  • smilez answered 6 years ago
    i think that you should get the first one.
    im pretty sure it'll hold your stuff.
    and your going to be in 11th grade
    so it's not really good to get a big back pack
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