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how do illegal immigrants get on welfare?

I have this friend who is a single mother on welfare with 5 kids. Well last time I drove her to the county office. We went inside the county office, and it was crowded. When i talked to the reciprocate she said most of the people in the county office were illegal. So I was just wandering how do my tax payers money go to illegals criminals who break our laws.

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    The costs of illegal immigration to the taxpayer are numerous, but the largest costs are education of their children, emergency medical care and incarceration for those arrested for crimes.

    Despite being ineligible, some illegal aliens also get welfare the same way they get jobs: with identity documents falsely identifying them as U.S. citizens. In addition, if they have U.S.-born children, they may collect welfare assistance in the name of those children. The annual net cost of illegal immigrants (after subtracting their tax payments) to the American taxpayer is likely to be more than $45 billion. Our recent study of the net fiscal “Costs of illegal immigration to Californians” estimated the partial costs at $10.5 billion in that state alone.

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    Ok let s say your right they don t get benefits then by the laws we have where and how do 11 million illegals survive not allowed to get a job or get welfare drive a car or buy a house, if they don t get welfare and everything else then how do they live and why stay in a country where there always breaking the law not able to support there family. Yes they get everything we as Americans work hard for but they get it free and if we tried to do the same we would be in jail not with a summons to appear in court and never show up and no one try s to find them. Give me a break this has been going on since the 1980 s when I would talk to illegals working and living in LA California telling me it s easy soon as they get to a big city with in a week they would have all of the benifits free and as for working and a bank account housing they get help with that too. Don t believe me go to a social security office on the 1st and 15th look at the parking lot and the nice cars then look at the people inside talk to them they will tell you because they are not afraid of getting away with it cause they ll just go get new papers and start again.

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    Do Illegal Aliens Get Welfare

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    Can Illegal Aliens Get Welfare

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    First illegal immigrants can't get welfare. This is a myth. You have to have a social security number and id. Fact. So if any illegal immigrant is getting welfare it must be due to there child being a U.S. Citizen or using illegal documents. Out of those two its probably there child. Now what would they be entitled to if your child is legal i don't know. I would have to ask a caseworker.

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    I believe if people would do some fact checking they would find out that the "illegals" add more to our economy than they take. That being said, there is a cost. So perhaps it is time that ALL people collecting welfare be put to work for those checks doing tasks/work for the state and local governments where they live.That is one way of making EVERYONE who takes a government check(out side of those who have already worked all their lives and are now retired) do something for what they are receiving. This will give those who want to work but have not been able to find jobs feel better about themselves and perhaps give them a work record to build on and take the free ride away from those who don't want to work ...and you know there are some.. those who created that motto "working is for chumps". We are at a point where it is time to have the government step forward and be responsible for resolving some major issues. No more blank checks for ANYONE. And no more food stamp card... lets get rid of that system too and have people show up to local soup kitchens and get a meal if they are hungry.. and bring the kids that they are collecting support for so that everyone can see that those children are actually being fed and that their parents are taking up all the resources by selling off the food for money,drugs,or alcohol. There is plenty of work to be done in every community in the US.. lets use that money being doled out to those folks on welfare and give them local tasks to do BEFORE they get handed that check or given that food. I know people in wheelchairs who work.... there is no reason someone who has the energy to have sex and bring children into this world reason those people can take some of that energy to work to feed those children as well... Work is good for the soul and will help heal the rift between those working and feeling their money taken to give to welfare and social services and those receiving the benefits of such programs. There should be no free ride for ANYONE.. legal or illegal. We are in this thing together and need to have everyone doing something to help the causes of humanity.. And for the welfare moms who think they can't afford to work outside the home because they can't afford daycare.. they should be part of that solution too.. I have long held the belief that these should be the parents that contribute work toward a community run daycare system where they do the work to help themselves. And for each child they bring into this world, they will be expected to do that much more work and donate that much more time toward their community projects. After all, these are the communities that their children will be growing up in and they should want to work to make it a wonderful place! It should be an expectation to work for it! Then regular tax payers won't resent having their tax monies diverted to such worthwhile efforts.

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    how do illegal immigrants get on welfare?

    I have this friend who is a single mother on welfare with 5 kids. Well last time I drove her to the county office. We went inside the county office, and it was crowded. When i talked to the reciprocate she said most of the people in the county office were illegal. So I was just wandering how do my...

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    Well you cant legally apply for benefits. Comming from pops, he would only get help on his children's healthcare. Not that he ever needed it either way.. Anyways if they are commiting fraud thats an offense ;) and they pretty much have no interest in u.s citenship. For those that hope on becoming citizens one day, they have to pay taxes and house taxes for about 15-25 or more since the list is soo long, with no real bennefits that you say they have lol. I cant speak for everyone though :(

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    I know, it makes me upset that anyone in general, regardless of ethnicity abuses the system. I think it would be better, since the govt. is involved, they should check that after 3 kids, if the parents or single parent is still on welfare, they should be sterilized. Hey , it's just a thought, I mean if you can't afford to support the kids you already have, why bring more to this world?

    So, yeah fixed those irresponsible mothers. and find them a job.

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    I'm not sure how they get it, I think a lot of it is the children of illegals too.

    A couple of years ago, 25% of the welfare in L.A. went to illegals or the children of illegals. Just over 37 million dollars. Shocking and disturbing at the same time. Today they cost L.A. over a billion dollars each year combined between health care and welfare.

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