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internet stars in music video??

I saw this music video on tv, and in the video was filled with ALOT of internet stars! lik Kelly, & that chocolate rain guy...

Wat's the name of it?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Pork and Beans - Weezer

    The music video for "Pork and Beans" was directed by Mathew Cullen[19] of Motion Theory and prominently features many internet phenomenons and YouTube celebrities.

    On May 23, 2008, the video premiered on YouTube. It features the band interacting with many YouTube stars and Internet memes,[20][21][22] including Gary Brolsma, Matt McAllister, Mark Allen Hicks ("Afro Ninja"), Chris Crocker, Caitlin Upton, Judson Laipply, Kicesie, Tay Zonday, Kevin Federline (archival footage), Liam Kyle Sullivan (as Kelly), Ryan Weiber, Michael "Dorkman" Scott, Jeong-Hyun Lim, and the Star Wars kid, as well as references to the Dramatic Prairie Dog (including lookalikes of J-Pop group Mini Moni, who were in the original TV clip the Dramatic Prairie Dog originated from), Fritz Grobe and Stephen Voltz's Diet Coke and Mentos eruptions, parody G.I. Joe PSAs, catching Raybans with one's face, the Free Hugs Campaign, the Dancing Banana, Will It Blend?, All Your Base Are Belong to Us, One Man Band by Connor Berge, Daft Hands, Daft Bodies, the Sneezing Panda, the Soulja Boy dance (listed on YouTube as "Crank That Soldier Boy"), a CGI Donald Duck and King Kong, Charlie the Unicorn, and the UFO sighting in Haiti Hoax video. The video shares some thematic similarities with the music video for the Barenaked Ladies single "Sound of Your Voice", which also featured multiple YouTube celebrities. According to Cullen, the video was to be a "celebration of that creativity",[23] an idea that went over well with the members of the band.[24] In contrast to an earlier South Park episode, "Canada on Strike!" which parodied the YouTube celebrities, Cullen wanted to embrace the concept of "about being happy with who you are".[23] Cullen hopes that the video will be "a living thing on the Internet"; as the video itself was a mash-up of Weezer's "favorite stuff", Cullen hopes others will use the video to create their own mash-ups.[25] The YouTube celebrities were flown into Los Angeles, California to work with the band for the four-day shooting of the video.[24]

    Dan Dzoan, current world record holder for solving a Rubik's Cube with one hand, was present for the shooting but does not appear in the video, though there are Rubik's Cubes in the video, and Dan is present in another video posted by Weezer to YouTube.[21] Neil Cicierega's Potter Puppet Pals were slated to be in the video but were left out due to problems with shipments of props. A mock-up of the Dumbledore puppet can be seen in the video nonetheless.[26]

    The video had over 1.2 million views in its first 24 hours up on YouTube[27] and 3.6 million by May 27, 2008.[23] As of May 29, 2008 it has reached four million views.[24] The video quickly became the most-watched video on the internet of the weekend following its release.[25] It was the most popular video of the month in June, reaching 7.3 million views by June 16, 2008.[28]

  • 1 decade ago

    Pork and Beans- Weezer

  • Weezer - Pork and Beans

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Pork and Beans- Weezer.

    I was totally beat to it.

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    5 years ago

    No, FUSE killed MTV, and it had a baby with an unknown father. They named YouTube.

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    7 years ago

    I used to buy from

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    check this out (song about religion):

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    7 years ago

    One that i bought before.

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