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Confederates of America?

Why did the Confederate States of America use the first president of the USA as the centerpiece of their country's seal?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The Civil War was fought for many reasons. One of the main (if not the primary) reasons from the Southern perspective was what was the intended style of the government; a centralized government with a strong federal body or a more decentralized government with strong state bodies acting in a confederated manner.

    But no matter what governing style was the chosen one, both sides could lay claim to American history before 1861. So why not have those figures from American History?

    In fact, some of the Confederates wanted to revisit the Constitution and the Federalist papers and re-interpret them as having a centralized but weak federal government.

    I cannot remember the sources, but I read a lot, and this may be a fusion of memories.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Why wouldn't they, they were American's too, and considered themselves patriots. They felt that the federal government had overstepped it's authority.

    George Washington was popular enough to be re-elected, even to become a king, but he limited himself to two terms, and set the standard that carried for over 150 years, in effect he knew the dangers of unlimted power in the hands of the central government.

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