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What's the best hair color for me?

I have fair skin and hazel eyes. My natural hair color is medium brunette. I have long, curly hair. I have been told I should get auburn highlights. Any suggestions?

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    you could make all your hair a medium brown, and than put in a lot of highlighs with a mix of auburn and blond. that would be sexy. =]... just have fun with it.

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    Try dark blond or medium blond, I'm sure it will look good on you, because the blond hair color make your skin appear more tan. And if you want, put some light brown hilights in it so you have a more layered look :P Good luck with your hair :)

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    I agree with the first comment. A blonde looks would make your skin look like it has a little more color and glow, and it would also compliment your hazel eyes.

    Source(s): That sounds exactly like my mom's apperance and that is what she did, and it looks GREAT. =]
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