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Picture day!?

Its my first year of high school and i want a cute hair style and make my make up to look pretty. Any suggestions. I have dark brown hair (with a tint of red in the light), its sholder length, layered, and i have side bangs. I also have green eyes and pale skin. thanks. :D

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    ummmmm its my first year of high school to omg so excited anyway you could try cutting your hair and and makeup i usually use light pink with dark pink so yea

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    my first year too hahah but i'm gonna be on vacation on our registration day, which means missing picture day! so my first chance at a good picture is on the retake day! AARRGGHH!

    but yea, i suggest wearing A LOT of mascara, it plays out very well in school pics i've noticed, make sure you wear powder so your face isn't shiny during your picture. and that's it, try to wear a tinted balm instead of gloss, the shiny-ness kinda looks weird sometimes. I would wear my hair down, it's a classic look.. like sometimes i've done a style one year and the next i look back at it and think "ew i would never wear that style today"... so yea. have fun and good luck getting a good pic!

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