Breaking the pacifier habit in a 15 month old?

My 15 month old is so attached to his pacifier. He will take it anytime you let him have it but I try to only let him have it at naptime and bedtime. If he throws it out of his crib he will cry until you come in there and give it back to him. Well I'm pregnant with our 2nd child and I'd really like to break the pacifier before the new baby is here so he won't be jealous if the new baby has a pacifier and he doesn't. Do I just take it away cold turkey? I've tried giving him stuffed animals, blankets etc. to sleep with but he still prefers it and won't go to sleep without it. Breaking the bottle was so easy I just replaced them with sippy cups cold turkey and he didn't even notice so I thought this would be the same. Help!

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    at his age cold turkey is probably best. My friend had a great idea for her daughter. She took her to Build a Bear and when the were stuffing the bear they let her put the passy in the bear and then if she needed the comfort she had her bear to cuddle. Good luck.

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    My mom had the same problem with my little sister. Just take it away cold turkey, at that age, he will forget it pretty soon because 15 month olds dont have too much memory span yet. It will take a few days, but in a week, the screaming will stop. The crying will be hard and frustrating, just remember is better you do it now rather then wait until after the baby is born and have to deal with it then! My daughter was never attached to a binkie, but my 7 month old is, I will probably have to go thru that soon also!

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    Just do not give it to him anymore, plain and simple. I had to deal with this until my daughter turned 2. Let me tell you, it does not get easier. Do it now, before you have the stress of another child. I realized that she was going to cry (alot) and ask for it (alot), but I just had to put my foot down. It is going to be hard the first few days, but it will get easier. You have no clue how many times I was tempted to go in my hiding spot and give it to her, but I am so glad I didn't. I suggest that you just toss them out so you wont be tempted. Now my daughter does not even mention "paci" anymore and that was about one and a half months ago. Good luck.

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    4 years ago

    in simple terms TAKE IT AWAY!!!!!!!! i won't rigidity sufficient to you to purely TAKE IT AWAY! I too am responsible of being a pacifier mom! My son had one up till after he became 3! It gets harder and harder on a daily basis you enable them to have it! enable them to cry it out and don't supply in! there's no uncomplicated thank you to do it because of the fact each and every baby is distinctive! reducing the counsel off my sons pacifier worked on the start till he have been given desperate and could suck on what became left of them anyhow! additionally, anticipate them to randomly discover the pacifiers around the abode you concept have been long long gone a 365 days in the past! Mine could discover those i became confident I had left places different than my abode! i do no longer understand if babies anticipate the day they get taken away and hoard them places (lol) or what yet they're going to discover them and in simple terms take them away!!!

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