What do I looked for in drug use?

My daughter will be 13 next month and two of her friends told me that she was smoking pot.. After I was told this I questioned my daughter and she said she has never smoked it and never will.. What are some of the warning signs I should look for? While I believe my daughter I know she's at an age to experiment stuff.. What do I look for and what do I do if all this stuff I'm hearing is true.. I told her that it would kill her grandfather (he's 82) if she was doing this.. Someone give me an answer..

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    Long before my daughter was born (she's 24 now) I asked a friend for an autographed copy of the book Your Teen and Drugs. The friend was a friend of the author. The links are to two articles by Norman Panzica who wrote that book. You may be able to borrow the book at a library if it's still available. I learned lots from it about addictive behaviour, i.e., the kinds of things people do when they're getting "hooked" on something. It isn't necessarily getting hooked on drugs. It can be alcohol, games, even a certain type of clothing. I would strongly suggest getting something like this so you can gain a better understanding of what may be going on around you.

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    Unfortunately the signs of pot use are not unlike the signs of being a teenager--moody, irritable, sleeps at odd times.

    Keep an eye on her room and her finances. Drugs are expensive--follow the money and make her account for her purchases.

    Are her friends changing? Talk to the parents of any new friends. Are her grades dropping? Talk to her teachers.

    Don't drive her to drugs by smothering her with crap or silly accusations like being responsible for the death of her grandfather. There are worse things that can happen than your daughter puffing on a joint, so please try to keep some perspective.

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    Telling her that it will kill her grandfather might make her worried and hopefully quit if she's into weed but it will make her less likely to tell you because she knows that it will hurt someone. Look for her eyes being red, lighters, the smell is pretty noticable, pop cans with wholes in the side - these are used to smoke it by various teens who don't have money or aren't old enough to by something to smoke out of -, If she seems "more air headed" after she's been out for a while, check for eye drops or fabreeze - both are used to cover the side effects, also, people who are high tend to get the munchies. I'm not saying not to believe your daughter but if these girls who told you about your daughter are truely her friends they are probably worried and trying to get her help. Good luck!

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    As a high school teacher, I know that as soon as students begin doing anything they feel is wrong, their grades begin to drop. This goes for sex, drugs, etc. Since school is probably close to starting in your area, keep a tight reign on her grades. Also, watch for a change in friends or attitude.

    I just have to ask, where is your 12 year old supposedly smoking this pot? She's 12. She should probably still be sitting on the couch beside you every night. Those kids that are given freedom too early, lose alot quickly!

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    Red eyes, smell, if she seems distant or if her speech is impaired, those are dead giveaways. Threatening violence isn't going to help, though. You need to let her know that you're there for her and that she can tell you anything so that you can gain her confidence. The only reason kids don't let their parents know that they're using drugs is because they don't want you to find out because you might become disappointed with them. Just let her know you're there to help and guide her and tell her that you won't be mad, you'll just be sad if she smoke pot.

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    Guilt wont help with drug users.

    Warning signs:

    unable to find the person, they start coming home late or staying out late with lame excuses why

    attitude gets worse and worse, they become VERY irresponsible


    lazy, sleeping more, eating more sweets

    eyes look very groggy when high, bloodshot

    stupidly laughing at everything, giggling

    denies using drugs, even though they are

    odd and unappealing change of friends that they didnt use to have

    drop in grades, dropping out of extra curricular activities

    sloppy dress and drug user clothing styles take over

  • In time your daughter will realise whats wrong and right in life. i have been smoking weed for almost 6 yrs and find it very relaxing but weed effects people in different ways. if u search effects of cannabis and the story of suicide cannabis boy this may put her off. weed is not a bad or good thing as i said it all depends on the person. my nan is 86 yrs of age and after many failed operations for pain, weed is the only relief she has.

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    Red Eyes

    Give her drug test from a drug store!

    Ground her inside for a 2 months! That will make her think, and whoever gave it to her. Ban her from visiting them. Keep testing. About the best you can do!

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    when she said never that means that she is lieing because my sister said that and she still smoke pot p.s she always get mad after she smoke pot

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    Shes a little young to be doing that. If she is, her eyes would be bloodshot a lot, she would eat a lot (commonly called the 'munchies'), she would be a lil lazy and confused a lot. She would smell like it or smell of excessive body spray. She may become forgetful and laugh a lot.

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