Forever The Sickest Kids :)?

Are the boys in Forever The Sickest Kids nice

like how ae their aditudes cause I really want to meet them at Warped Tour on August 2nd in Chicago

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    I went to school with Austin... hes a real chill guy. Really funny. Caleb and I started talking and he promised multiple times he was going to take me on dates until his crazy ex got involved... then they got signed and he got really big headed and is now a douche. I dont really know Marc that well... Kyle is off the wall and random. We watched South Park on his phone while we waited for one of their shows to start. He's really sweet. oh and Jonathan is a douche too... Hes wayyyy into himself. I was him for Halloween last year and my friends loved the costume... It was the greatest spoof costume ever. If i were you. I would chill with Kyle... none of the other guys arent really worth meeting.

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    Forever the Sickest Kids

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    aww dude im going 2 warped tour in chicago 2!!! well dey seem really kewl bc on the band members filmed a fight from warped tour and he was screaming at the person who punched the girl.

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    I met Caleb in San Francisco. He was real nice, he hugged me and kissed me on the cheek when we took a picture. I have a little conversation with him and everything, and he signed my FTSK shirt.

    But I haven't met any of the other band members before. I'm sure they're just as nice.

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  • They are really nice, but when I talked to Marc, he seemed a little strange.

    Austin was a little busy, but I think he was still nice.

    Jonathan and Caleb are real sweet, as well as Kyle.

    I didn't really get to talk much with Kent, but he singed stuff for me.

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  • theyre really funny!

    when i met them, they seemed like the FUNNIEST KIDS. :P

    kyle is so much cuter in person :)

    dont worry, when you meet them you wont be disappointed ;)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    they're pretty chill guys

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    they are awesome.... u should totally meet them

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    theyre amazingg. :)

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