Why is my boss this way???!? and do you have anyone that is like this?

Hey everyone, ok so i have this boss. He is like quiet, calm, he talks in a low voice and he acts gentle and friendly and I've honestly never met a person like that before! Then i have this co worker and he is tall and friendly and can do british accents and scottish too its cool! I never thought that being at a work place you could meet so many different people its kind of alluring. Well when i first started my job i wanted to like get their attention and i wanted them to talk to me more and all that but now i dont cuz i kind of catch their drift but like i dont know my boss is just so reserved and respectful and i think thats like amazing lol so umm do you have any one like this at your work place and why is my boss this way?? why isnt he like laughing a lot? and like Hi with a high voice ?? i know this is a weird question! its just why are people so different??


Like with me when i go to work i smile and im nice and talk friendly and i think i speak in a high pitched voice oh by the way im young im 16 so maybe thats why im like this? I dont know also another question i have regarding my boss is in the mornings should i stop by his office and say good morning to him or just work and umm if i see him say good morning and secondly when im going to go home should i say good bye to him or just leave i dont want him to think im rude or disrespectful that i dont say goodbye/goodmorning???

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  • Thomas
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    1 decade ago
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    Everyone is different, including your boss. Sounds like he's a bit antisocial; whatever he is, that's his choice.

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