preppy clothes??

is this outfit cute?? i am 15 going into 10th grade?? i dont know if it would look too old for my age?

1. i really like classic preppy clothes. so if you could make me an outfit from like ralph lauren, lacoste, jcrew, brooks borthers. and not that expensive please! thanks!

2. so is this a cute outfit??

jeans like these

black rainbow flip flops + black tote bag

is it ok to wear this in fall??

3. where can i get sweaters like this for cheaper? and shirts?

thank you!! oh and i dont like abercrombie and hollister and ae, they are not classic preppy.

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    I have the same style as you: classic preppy. I think the polo's a great idea. Maybe you should wear the flip flops they always have at J. Crew instead? I dunno. I'm not too wild about the jeans, though... maybe you should wear madras, seersucker, or khaki bermudas... or a funky color like pink! You don't want to rush into fall too quickly :D Have fun, fellow prepster!

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    That sounds like a cute outfit! :] But I think flats would look better than the flip flops, especially since your wearing full-length jeans.

    You can find sweaters like that everywhere. I live in Canada so I don't know if you have these stores where you are but: limited, suzy shier, smart set, garage and stitches all sell similar sweaters for a much lower price!

  • Mariah
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    1 decade ago

    I really love the clothes you picked out! It is ok to wear this fall:) I really think you chose a nice colored polo and the jeans will definatly be in style this fall!

    You can get those at marshalls for cheap!!<3

    Hope this helps:)

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    thi sdoesnt really answer your question, but go one (or seacrhc rugby ralph lauren) and look at some of the pictures.

    tahts really classic eastcoast preppy

    i usually dont ike preppy clotthes, but i like that

    and agreed, aberrombie and hollister are definetly not preppy

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Possibly Justice. IDK if they'll have your size but they have lots of cute and preppy clothes! But they alsohave just like regular girl clothes like cute tees and jeans and stuff like that. They're a "sister store" to Limited Too, so their clothing is a wee bit expensive. Good luck!!! :)

    Source(s): I love Justice!!!!
  • jo
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    1 decade ago

    the outfit you made is really cute. and the sweater you could prob find at lord and taylor or macys.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    polos make such a difference on people i love em =]

  • 1 decade ago

    yeah thats a cute outfit.

    and the sweater vest?

    you can get it at forever 21

    heres all their sweaters

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i am preppy too, but not that kind of preppy, like hollister abercrombie preppy, umm maybe its cute idk, to get the brands cheaper go to macy t hey have them for cheaper, and sweaters like that you can go to charoltte russe, or express.

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