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Tattoo or Not?

I'm 15 and thinking of getting the # of my fathers grave at Arlington Nation Cemetery either on my bicep or my chest in somewhat small, cursive writing. Good idea or not

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    Bad Idea until you are the legal age to get a tattoo in your area.

    Anyone who will tattoo you under the legal age limit is going to do a TERRIBLE job that you will regret later. Also since you are still going to grow a good bit, the tattoo could become distorted (not likely but possible) or be in an odd looking place as your body changes (very likely).

    Wait until you are grown and can safely get tattooed in the best shop in the area. Don't bargain hunt, you'll end up with a tattoo that's nowhere as nice as it could have been. Get a quality tattoo that you're going to love. If you have to save up, so be it.

    This is a memorial to your dad. Show how important it is to you by waiting to get it until you're physically and financially ready.

    Source(s): Work in a reputable tattoo shop. Have seen SOOOOOOO MANY terrible tattoos done in someone's house on underage kids being covered up 10 years later.
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    Now I'll reply the ones,however you need to too! What used to be your first tattoo? A center When did you get yours? thirteen. If you do not have one,do you desire one? What type of tattoo do you desire?Stars on my shoulder. How many do you might have?one million Where do you might have one?On my left palm. :] PIERCING IS BETTER

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    I'm not going to complain about your age b/c I got my first tattoo when I was 15, but I really do think that you need to think it through and make sure that it's exactly what you want. I think it's really sweet that you are doing something like that, but maybe you might want it to be a memorial tat with his name instead. There are so many things you could do with it, which is why you should take some time to think

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    I love the idea, but wait until ur older. 15 is too young for a tattoo honey, I was 17 when I got my first tattoo.

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    Wait until you are 18 (and legal) to get the tattoo. If you still want it by then, I think it's a good idea.

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    Think on it a little longer and wait until you can afford a very good artist. This is to honor your dad so wait until you can afford the best that you can. I think that as you age a more meaningful concept incorporating your dad's grave number will come to you.

    I am sorry for your loss, but please wait a few more years.

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    Don't get the number maybe his name. Cops harass people with numbers tattooed

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    lmao. the chick that said cops harass people with # tattoo'd

    your not too bright. if cops are harassing you it has nothing to do with a tat..........

    if the piece has significant meening to u then do it........ you'll find that as u get older that u stop liking the pieces that have no significant mmeening...

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    nice way of honoring you Dad, wait until you're legal and if you still want it, make it your borthday gift to yourself or do it your Dad's borthday or on Father's day

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    that is a great idea for a tattoo

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