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Different Positions?

Since the guys are all jerks about this, I thought I'd ask here. What are some good positions and/or enhancement toys for couples where the guys penis is on the small side (4.5 inches). I know oral and fingers and all that are great, but I want to be able to make my girl feel like she has something inside her when we have sex, I feel selfish because it still feels good to me, but I dont know how to make it good for her too =(.

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    i dont even know if all those pumps and pills work... but i do know the more you have sex, the penis gets a little bigger. not dramatically... every little bit helps. also, just try some positions that give you the most leverage.

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    Doggie. Missionary. Girl-on-top. Sitting up facing each other. Honestly, that is a good size because it's not how deep you go that's important......the good spots for most women are outside and in the first few inches in.

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    my boyfriend's penis isn't very small but i do know that the most sensation comes from when he sits on the edge of the bed with his feet touching the floor and i wrap my legs around his waist facing him. i would imagine in your case this would give your girl a better sensation as well. i hope this helps! good luck :)

    Also, if she's not on birth control and you have to use condoms, suggest that she start taking it. that will give her a lot more feeling too.

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    Don't feel bad. A lot of guys don't care. Doggie style is great because with the angle everything feels tight. You can also stick a vibrator on her clit and everything will feel that much better. Girls respond more to clitoral stimulation than vaginal anyways.

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    I had a man for seven years and he had a 4 inch, .... and we had no problems, in fact I never enjoyed sex so much until he came along and not since. he died. or I would be still with him. I just went into a webb. yesterday it was and they had penus extensions. I dont know what they look like or feel like. but maybe thats what your looking for. remember its not how long it is , its how you use it. good luck April

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    getting into doggy and her on top are good, her with her legs up on your shoulders is another. A stretchy cock ring boosts hubbie uses one. And you can get things called ticklers that are like condoms with a tickle on the it you'll see.

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