OPINIONS NEEDED: Is she interested in me or does she likes me?

So...in summer school. This girl, in my classroom, who i really like a lot came up to me and started a conversation. She sits next to me in class and we chatted a few times before today. Before that, it was finals day so i took my exam and once i was finished with my test. I got out of class and waited for my ride to come pick me up. about 10-20 mins later she gets out of class and waited for her ride also. she came up to me and started a conversation. the first thing she said was "hey you're still here. were you still waiting for me"? in a flirty way. Then, I replied with a smile and in a humor way. "hmm...yes i was". We talked for 5 mins or so before her ride came and pick her up. When we were talking she placed her cell phone on the table. I felt like that my cue to ask for her number but it never got that far. I did purposely told my ride to come pick me up later so I can catch her when before she leaves. So, do you guys think she likes me? I feel like I blew it....



I was flattered with what she said...because I didn't think she was going to be interest. I'll keeping my fingers crossed that I will be lucky enough to run into her during the fall semester. And when I do see her, I'm definitely going to ask for her number and ask her for a drink. Wish me luck and oh yeah it's going to be a long month!

How can you guys tell if she likes me or not? What are some signs? Does she hint that I like her too?

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    1 decade ago
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    Yes...She is interested. Don't be so hard on yourself...Everyone has been in your shoes...Look for her in the Fall and take it from there. Good luck!

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    Awww I was reading this, and it reminded me of my summer class, cause I was talking to this guy that I was crushing on too!

    But I continued reading and it started getting different. Darn haha.

    But damnn you shoulda asked for her number!

    Or at least taken her phone and put your number in it and gave it back to her with a smile :] She was most likely interested ~

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    1 decade ago

    oh god she definitely likes you!!!! the cell phone was a big sign you should try get her number as soon as you can!!! or email er if you have her email:D good luck!!

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