how do i tell my parents i go out with him?

ive been going out with this guy for almost 6 months now. and i love him so much. but my parents dont know.. and i dont know how to tell them. because i do not know if they will approve or not. he just started college and im still in highschool, so again i feel like that will be a problem with them. i like him soooo much. and im sick of lying to my parents about were im going. i just want to have a normal relationship, and have my parents know about everything. im scared that thell dissaprove and i will have to break up with him. witch i never want to happen. but anybody have any suggestions?

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    1 decade ago
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    It's hard for parents to approve of anyone their daughter/son brings home. Just sit them down and explain whats been going on, (without your bf there) and tell them how you feel.

    They can't tell you who to date.

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