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Natto recipes?

I bought a four pack of natto after reading up on its health benefits. I also read that some people should cook it first because it's an acquired taste, and may take some getting used to it before you can eat it raw. And I was thinking "Oh it can't be that bad," but sure enough, I tried it raw in a sandwich, and it was awful. I couldn't take more than 2 bites.

So, does anyone have any recipes for natto that will help me get used to the taste? I don't want it to go to waste...

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    Here is a website that has a list of natto recipes you can try. As the site says, it is best that you prepare it in a form so that can easily eat it.

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    i'm a former chef from canada and labored in Japan, and that i've got it right here in Toronto Canada somewhat generally, i take advantage of to consume it 2-thrice a week in Japan, and the scent and flavor you experienced is universal, in Japan and that i do it right here you upload them to warm rice, with a sprinkle of bonito flakes (dried shaved tuna), seaweed, soya sauce, i like to apply jap 7 pepper seasoning and a few chili flakes, it desire something to make it extra palatable, in Japan for breakfast they're going to crack and egg into it, no longer my cup of tea.

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