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Who the Heck Is the Opening Band for Tokio Hotel????

Im going to see Tokio Hotel at HOB Anahiem in CA and I want to know which band is going to open for them. Please no Tokio Hotel haters I dont care what you have to say, just stay off the page. So who is giong to open the show??? and dont say the JoBros lol

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    That's been strictly hush-hush. The first show is in Jersey next week, and no one knows who the "special guest" is.

    But I know it isn't the Jonas Brothers because they have their own tour going on this summer, and allegedly they're going to be in Boston that night. But I can find out from a friend who's going to the concert next week...=/

  • "The Man Who Holds The Key To Tokio Hotel"

  • Who in the heck is Tokio Hotel?

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    Tokio Hotel never has people open for them, so i wouldnt expect anyone.

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  • JO BROS!

    lol jk.

    i believe its anyone who's on tour with them.

    you should google it

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