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Are they looking for sex?? 10 FAST POINTS FOR BEST!!!!?

A married man constantly flirts with a married, younger woman at work who’s very attractive. He stares (even in front of their spouses), glances when she’s not looking, makes a point to watch her and try to say hi when she’s just walking by, has made comments about how “pure” and sweet she is, etc. He knows she is also pregnant (and so is his wife.)

One day, she goes to his office and asks if he has a minute, but a call comes in and he immediately tells the person he has to call them back – she’s leaving and he yells her name to call her back in.

He says yes to her, answers the question and tells her he’s getting ready for a presentation in 10 minutes and will get what she needs later. Five minutes later, he’s at her desk with what she asked for; she drops the phone conversation she was having to talk to him; he touches her hand with his and neither one of them moves it. They stare into each other’s eyes and keep talking. He hangs around thanking her and smiling wide, with his eyes fixated on hers. Fort he rest of the day, he stares at her whenever they see each other.

Do they want each other despite marriages, pregnancies,etc? What does their behavior mean?

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    yes there is an attraction obviously but they would be VERY foolish if they let it lead to something

    if this is happening to u i think u need to stop it for the sake of ur marraige and ur baby!!!!

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    Has this happened to you??

    Hmm there's chemistry there, obviously...I'm not gonna judge ALL the guys for this, but the last four guys I've met on nights out turned out to be 3married men and a b@stard, the 3 being cheats and the 4th not cheating (as he won't commit to a relationship) but he gets around, with whoever and whatever - so I'm pretty biased to say that this married man ALSO sounds like a bastard.

    Aaaanyway, I digress..

    I think there's something in the air, but I don't know if you could say they're sleeping together or not..

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    Means.. he's a pig


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