Ok so today was my first day of tanning?

I tanned for 4 hours front and back and the only thing that gained color was my face which is okay. It bronzed nicely not red at all but the rest of my body is still completely pale. How long until i notice a change in my body's skin tone?

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    He obviously laid in the sun, because no salon would EVER allow someone to tan for four f*cking hours in one day.

    Honey, it just depends on your skin tone, how well you tan, what the weather's like that day, and what products - if any - you used. If you're laying out every day - please insure that you tan and not ever burn - it shouldn't be too long before you notice a change. Give it a week or two, and you'll look great.

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    If you are trying to get a tan, buy 100 minutes and if your face has a hard time tanning get one of those beds with specific face lamps.

    start out with 5-6 mins and finish out the 100 min, you'll have a good base tan, that way you won't have to worry about burning too much in the sun when you do go out. Plus you will have a good base tan to get you started when you do want to gain more color, just be careful layin out that long, thats a little bit much.

    If you want to tan good and quick, the best way is not to get burned.

    after you have a good base tan, start using bronzing lotions (not fake tanner) (assistants to help you brown when you lay out and not burn) they will help your skin get darker faster and you can buy them at the tanning salons, try HEMPZ that worked really well for me, once you are so tan you can start getting into the better bronzers (start using the ones that have a tingling effect, those are higher grade)

    you should notice a change in the tone of your skin depending on what skin type you have, I am olive so it takes me about 4-5 days of steady tanning to notice a good change in color.

    If you are like my sister, (almost red headed it takes her a little longer (she burns first usually) ...

    But if you are like my dad it won't matter, you will tan in like a day.

    hope this helps,



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    No, you ought to attend 12 hours or extra in the previous going into the tanning mattress back and that i understand this because of the fact I even have used tanning beds in the previous and that became into the ideas of suited and secure utilization. it incredibly is acceptable to steadily improve the time of tanning to boot, for the 1st consultation do 5 minutes, then next time do 8 etc. desire this helps!

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    Well, that all depends.. sometimes you don't notice the tan before the next day.. and sometimes the uv rays aren't that strong.

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    Have fun with your skin cancer

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