How do I Incorporate a Club to be member owned, and protect our name in all states.?

I am a member of a dog organization that is currently owned by an individual. This person no longer wants to own the club. They want to give ownership to the members, elect officers and incorporate to protect them from legal and tax liabilities so the organization will live on.

We currently have 10 clubs in 6 states. We want to provide liability insurance for all the events we sanction.

Should we be looking at a Corporation or a Co-Op. We want to have enough money to keep us running and pay expenses, we are not looking to make a profit.

Please be specific to the type of Corporation or Co-Op you recommend and why. We are on a shoestring budget and don't want to hire a lawyer until we know what we want to do?

I would also like to know how to protect the group name in all 50 states There's only one American Kennel Club, How did they do it?


Thanks for the advise. We don't own the indvidual clubs. The Main organization is responsible for all dog registrations, record keeping of field trial results, providing the rules and awards for competing and maintaining the website. Each santioned club pays dues and a portion of the entry fee to the parent club to do this.

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    First - If you're serious, you probably should seek advice from an attorney. With that qualification, here's my input:

    1. Corporations exist in States, generally maintained by the Secretay of State. I would recommend that each club incorporate in their own state and become either a Franchise or Subsidiary of the parent club. If a franchise, then the members of each state club would own the stock in that state's club. If you want to conglomerate all the clubs under one umbrella, then designate the parent club the sole stockholder of the individual clubs and assign stock rights in the parent to the members of the individual clubs. The individual club(s) would then be a "wholly owned subsidiary" of the parent club.

    2. Protecting your name is called "trademarking". File a trademark application w/ (I think) the patent office. DO THAT RIGHT NOW!!! Even if you do it personally you can assign the rights to the name to the corporation later.

    3. I repeat - If you're really serious about this, get an attorney involved. It won't cost an arm and a leg if you do most of the 'legwork' yourself - things like researching name history, filling out applications, filing court or Secretary of State documents, etc.

    Any particular breed? I raise Collies myself.

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