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I'm Smart, But I'm A complete Idiot.?

I scored very high in my IQ test (136) and yet, my test score don't reflect that.

It's seem's I have A hard time when you give me A problem that i can't relate to or have no interest in.

For example, when i was asked to draw the open unfolded pattern of a regular hexahedron, i was completly confuse.

But my teacher saw me struggle and she changed it to "What shape would a dye *spelling* become if you where to cut it apart." I was able to get it straight away.

What is wrong with me? Am i really all that smart? Did they make a mistake in my test?

How can I know? My parents all think i cheated, but i havn't, please help.



And sorry about the category, Yahoo Answers autimaticly put it in that category with out me realising it. Sorry.

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    Look up Einsten's biography, he was a true genius, and he flunked out of school!

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    Your I.Q being high means just that.Your brain has the ability to think and put together things better than the average guy.It in itself won't make you rich but you have a better shot at higher education to enable you to make a good living in your chosen field.You may learn better if taught a way you can understand.Lucky you when your teacher saw this and explained in a way you understood.We need teacher's like that.Your parents see you as a kid and may not think you have common sense. What is their idea of being intelligent? Ask them.They have been around long enough to see plenty of educated idiots.People who can be brilliant but not know how to change a light-bulb.Common sense may mean more to your parents than a great test score.Your parents are not stupid after all you carry their genes.Hopefully you will respect them and them respect you.

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    Some how you've been misled into thinking your intelligence quotient means you should have all the answers. Not so.

    You should be quick to understand and solve problems when given enough information; as you demonstrated wen the teacher asked the question in a different way.

    Stop thinking you are 'smart' and enjoy learning. Most 'smart' people do.

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    you're still very intelligent, but you're more of a logical thinker, not a visual thinker.

    and everyone has different learning processes.

    you couldn't draw the unfolded pattern because your mind simply doesn't work that way.

    however, when you logically think out the process of something in your mind, you understand..

    you'll be fine, just hope you'll get teachers and professors that teach in the style that you learn.

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    My IQ was 152 at the last count, but I've been kicked out of one college and one university so far, for academic reasons.

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    stop being so damn stupid abbout asking this, your smart and your parents are stupid just do good in school regardless of what anyone says.

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    You're not smart you retard. They made a mistake.

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    maybe u have certain intellectual abilities

    not every1 has it all

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