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School is coming soon. Any tips?

Last year I got real bad grades and I want to fix that. Also any style tips? I need to be originized. I'm just a clean freak. Please help!!!

~Karen aka

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    just be yourself and you'll be alright and ask where you classes are if you get lost.

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    positioned on some make up.(no longer too a lot although. you'll look as if a clown) Can u smile?( At my college, braces arent considered a foul element. dont smile too vast. )it will look freaky. yet when u do, positioned some vaseline on yer lips to maintain them from cracking and dryin out. positioned on your well-known outfit. something that flatters your confirm(u likely alredy kno this yet black makes u look slimmer and white thicker. Verical stripes make u look thinner. Horizontal ones make u look thick.Bulkyfabrics bulk ur body . If the photo is in basic terms from head up ,then dont problem about wat u positioned on on the bottom. USe some hairspray on yer hair to freeze the variety in position so it wont get too messy.

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    Just focus a little more this year and ALWAYS ask questions if you need help. As for style, look at what other people are wearing, combine their styles and make them your own. That's what I do :)

    Good luck!

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    pay attention more than taking notes.for me when im in class i dont take notes but i liten carefully because when i take a test it all comes and dont put it off for later.plan out your homework and study time.keep you locker and binders organized.dont throw away anything unless you have teachers permission.btw if you dont have binders,get them,you'll really need it.and another thing,try to get interested in what you're learning.try to find that subject or teacher that really inspires you.

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    make sure that you have all your supplies and be prepared. you should also check your notes from last year and refresh your mind.

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    Do your homework, and wear all name brand clothes. simple

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