my dad gets ^ & goes from the lvngrm to the bdrm & has a hard time breathing. it began w/ discomfort in chest

he started having pain in his chest area, now he has trouble breathing when going just a short distance. this all started after he started doing manuel labor. he had to quit. but this has been bothering him for about a week now. could this be a sturnum injury or is this a heart/lung problem?

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    While I agree with Jenn in that Active chest pain requires a call to 911 It sounds from your report that he has been having difficulty for a while now. That of course does not rule out a serious heart condition. Shortness of breath with minimal activity is grounds for a call to the doctor and making an appointment to be seen asap. Make sure that the doctor runs an ekg and a bnp. The first is an eletrical picture of how the heart is doing and the second is a blood test that tells if your father is in heart failure. Any posible respiratory issues are dependant on your health history such as whether he is or was a smoker, maybe have asthma or copd or even emphysema if the heart comes up negative. I wish you luck.

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    Any kind of chest pain needs to be evaluated by a doctor, if he is actively having chest pains, shortness of breath then please call 911, the time between a call for help could be the chance of his survival!


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