immature peaches???

We had a storm a few days a go and the limbs on our peach tree cracked. We have to cut our tree down but we have all this fruit. what can i do with them and are they poisonous?

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    1 decade ago
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    Peel them, poach them in a sweet syrup and bottle them.

    Excellent for use out of season.

    You can do so much with peaches


    Upside down sponge


    Casseroled with chicken in place of apricots.

    Or just with cereal is lovely.

  • 1 decade ago

    no they are not poisonous. the most that might be wrong with them is they well be hard and bitter, take and cut them in half's remove the stones(seed) place in pot cover with water add 2 cups of sugar, boil them until tender, put in freezer bags and freeze, you'll just love them. Have a nice day

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    If you eat them green, they can give you a stomach ache.

    Lay them either on a counter or in brown paper ripen. Then freeze them when ripe. You can then enjoy without rot.

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